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Best Go Bag

Best go Bag emergency kit survival kit bag service, If you are single or married, you and / or your spouse may feel it is crucial to have emergency, survival go bags ready at a moments notice to get you or your family out of town. Have 6 routes that you might take in any given emergency marked on a map. Get your cel phone

Best Selling Preparedness Bags

Best go Bag Our Best Go Bags are offered at 6 different levels of preparedness for preppers. Sometimes referred to as Emergency Bags, GoBags, Bug Out Bags and Survival Bags, we offer 3 Month, 2 Month, 1 Month, 14 Day, 7 Day and 3 Day survival, each designed to allow one person to survive that period of time with the important items in that GoBag kit. We offer 3 Day and 7 Day GoBags, as we know people may not have budgets for more; but all of our Gobags have extremely useful survival items built into each Gobag and RuckSack. We offer the traditional Black, Green and Tan as well as Digital Camouflage and Forest Camouflage colors. We also include 110 Liter, 190 L and 275 L Rucksacks in our 1 Month, 2 Month and 3 Month GoBag kits, so as to hold the additional items needed for longer duration. The GoBags you order is complete for the period of time you feel necessary for you and or your family to survive. Compare our bags to any other company, and you will discover we take this seriously, and we hope you understand why you would consider our GoBags. When you are in the outback, you won’t be able to order from your cel phone and have it delivered. BE PREPARED!

All The Necessary Equipment

Best go Bag

What is critical when you take your family to a safe location out of a city or town? You need things such as a mini battery charger, mini-utility kit (small knife, needle pin, magnifying glass, etc.), food, water, rain cover, pop up tent, airbag, butane lighter, knife, machete, min-shovel, and much more; all packed in a sturdy, reinforced, double stitched, lightweight Go Bag to protect your family while you travel to your safe location. A hand gun or hunting rifle is highly recommended, but are not included in our backpacks. 3 Butane lighters, at a minimum, are essential, but FedEx/UPS, etc. does not allow our company to put them in your Gobags. Review our GoBag Comparison Page to see what we do include in each bug out bag.

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