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Why you need a Best Go Bag.

Why Choose Survival-GoBag? Survival-Gobag Survival-GoBag.com provides 7 levels of GoBag Kits, supporting 3 month, 2 month, 1 month, 2 week, 7 day and 3 day GoBags in support of emergency situations, hunting trips and most Survival situations. Our 50 Liter GoBag would...

Survival Tools That Fit in Your Pocket

When you walk out your front door in the morning, what do you make sure you’re taking with you? For me, there are three things I always check.  Did I bring my wallet? Check ✔️ Did I bring my cellphone? Check ✔️ Did I bring my keys? Check ✔️  For each of those...

Valley Forge Damascus Bowie, by Pat Cascio

There was a time, some years ago, when many of the knives coming out of Pakistan were pure junk, and I mean junk! This has changed over the years, and now some high-quality knives are coming out of Pakistan, at very good prices. I previously covered another Damascus...
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