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Why you need a Best Go Bag.

Why Choose Survival-GoBag? Survival-Gobag Survival-GoBag.com provides 7 levels of GoBag Kits, supporting 3 month, 2 month, 1 month, 2 week, 7 day and 3 day GoBags in support of emergency situations, hunting trips and most Survival situations. Our 50 Liter GoBag would...

Blackouts Are on the Rise – Be Prepared

  How would you respond if someone came up to you and said, “Praemonitus praemunitus?” Many of us might say, “I’m sorry. I only speak English.” We may or may not know the person was speaking Latin, but regardless it’s likely we’d have no idea what they were talking...

Solar Power Facts & Hacks

If you look up “solar power” in an online dictionary, you won’t find the following definition. But it’s a good way to describe it. Solar power – it’s the single most effective disaster preparedness aid there is. Why? Because if you have solar-powered tools at your...

Food and Treats for Fido, by Mrs. Alaska

In this article, I will describe making your own food and treats for your dogs. Many of these include long-term storage items. Recently, Zero Hedge posted an article that described animal shelters throughout the country as at full capacity because pet owners have...
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