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Do You Know How to Purify Water?

Approximately 5.5 million Americans receive their tap water from systems exceeding the federal lead action level. That’s according to a recent, multi-year study. Of course, lead is only one of many water contaminants that come out of some faucets in America. The...

Medicinal Plants Have a Long History

How long have herbs and other plants been used for medicinal purposes? Probably for as long as human civilizations have existed. Archaeological evidence shows that humans used medicinal plants during the Paleolithic Era. That was about 60,000 years ago.  The Sushruta...

Are Radios Still Relevant Today?

Depending on your age, you and your family might have sat around the living room listening to a radio program back in the day. Perhaps you or your parents owned one of those large RCA Victor radios back in the Fifties. Advertisements from those days show a...

What Would a Navy SEAL Do?

Hello, my fellow Patriot. Cade here.  We’ve all commented at one point or another about having a stressful day. Just imagine the lives of those that fought on the “front lines” of the global pandemic. Or those digging out lifeless bodies in the rubble of the Florida...
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