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13 years ago, our Founders Allen & Erin Baler quit their corporate jobs and moved their family from New England to Nashville. On a shoe-string budget, they started with one product. Today, our company offers all kinds of emergency preparedness and wellness products, to help you achieve peace of mind in an uncertain world.

From survival food, to solar gadgets and generators, to camping and survival gear, and more… you can find all kinds of ways to make you feel more secure about the future. At 4Patriots, we champion freedom and self-reliance. This is our core purpose and our mission. We offer high-quality products that help our customers become more self-reliant and prepared. 


Transcript 🎞️: 

Hi I’m Erin and I’m Allen, we’re the husband and wife team that started 4Patriots. 

When we were younger we didn’t really spend a lot of time thinking about all the things that can happen, and what we would do in an emergency situation. When a crisis happens it’s already too late and you have to scramble around to figure out whatever you can – whether it’s getting food, clean water, or a way to power all of your devices.

When we started looking into what it would take to feel prepared we were really surprised at how hard and confusing it can be to get the information and gear you really need. We created 4Patriots to help our customers save time, save money and cut out the guesswork with the absolute best emergency preparedness products that we trust for our own family. 

The idea for the company really started around the table of the house we were renting here in Nashville back in 2008. We realized that there were a lot of people out there like us who wanted to be ready for unexpected events; like major storms or natural disasters. We thought the best way to reach these folks was through the internet. So our idea was to put our store online where any American regardless of where they live can get the best Survival Products all in one place.

When we started researching what kind of food we should have on hand it seemed like none of the solutions we were finding were quite what we were looking for. People were suggesting buying canned goods, or bulk bags of food that have to be rotated periodically so they don’t go bad. All that takes up a ton of room. And when you start talking about MREs, well honestly they taste awful. Yeah. When we discovered that you could make dehydrated and freeze-dried foods that would last up to 25 years, seal them in a lightweight disaster resistant pouches, and cook them in minutes with boiling water we were like, “everyone should know about this!

And when it came to power sources it seemed like all the options were too small, or too big, and too noisy. We were looking for something that could power all our essential items like our computers, lights, the fridge or the freezer. When we discovered solar power generators we realized this is what we have been searching for. You can keep charging no matter how long the power is out and you never need gas, ever. We knew this quiet fume-free generator was the winner, and it was one of the safest options we could offer to our customers.

We started as a kitchen table business with just the two of us, and we didn’t have any idea of how big this was going to get, and how fast it would happen. We had to learn a lot really fast. We had to figure out how to hire the right people to work with us, and how to do all of it without going broke or going crazy. 

What really kept us going during those times were the three things that were most important to us; We wanted to be successful so we could keep growing, we wanted to be a great place for great people to work, and we wanted to treat our customers the way we wanted to be treated. 

Honestly, we were shocked we thought there were a lot of people out there who would be interested in our products. but we were blown away by how excited people were to find us.  4Patriots went viral, and we served over a hundred thousand customers in our first year in business. Since then 4Patriots have been featured on shows like Fox and Friends, and were endorsed by former Navy SEAL Cade Courtley. Plus, we have the largest Facebook Community page in emergency preparedness with over 583,000 followers on our fan page. 

We’re a family-owned American company that you can trust. We want to be a resource for everything our customers need for peace of mind in a crisis; from food, to power, to clean water and everything in between. Everybody knows that the world is pretty crazy right now, and it feels like it’s getting crazier every day. 4Patriots helps our customers save time, money and cut out the guesswork with the best emergency preparedness products. As a 4Patriots customer what you ultimately get is peace of mind for yourself and for your family.

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