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I’ll tell you what… I’m floored.

The incredible video messages I’ve got recently from folks across the country – everywhere from Texas, to California, to Pennsylvania – have been truly inspirational.

To be completely honest, it warmed my heart.

These special VIPs wanted to let me know exactly how their 4Patriots Survival Food, Survival Tools and more kept them going during devastating storms, power outages, & beyond.

My team put together a compilation of some of ‘em, and you can watch it here:


These are the kinds of reminders that keep all of us at 4Patriots going – knowing that the work we’re doing is making a real difference in the lives of patriotic Americans like YOU!

From Randy who used his Patriot Power Generator during the record-breaking Texas ice storm… to Marlene who had a light and power lifeline with her HaloXT Tactical Flashlights… to Linda who was so glad she had her Patriot Power Cells on hand to “save the day”…

So many folks depend on 4Patriots to help them feel safe, secure, and better prepared. No matter what kind of curve balls life has in store. And we’ll always be there for you through it all.

Because I was so moved and inspired by what people had to say about their 4Patriots products, my team and I put together a collection of our all-time bestsellers that can help you get prepared, too. Just like all the incredible folks in this video did. 

You could call it the “4Patriots Greatest Hits” collection! 

>> You can find them all HERE

Remember, a crisis usually never gives you fair warning, and won’t announce itself until it’s barreling down on your doorstep. Prepare for tough times now, and you’ll sleep better at night… even in an uncertain tomorrow.

>> See the “Greatest Hits” collection HERE

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