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The places where people can live for a limited time during the period and aftermath of a disaster, or in the time of emergency, are called emergency shelters.

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Easy to Assemble Emergency Shelters

Emergency shelters are similar to homeless shelters to some extent but the dissimilarity between the two is that emergency shelters allow people to stay there during the whole day whereas, in the case of homeless shelter, it is expected that people will spend their day out and will only come in at night or to eat only.

In case of any emergency or a natural disaster, it is more feasible to assemble some temporary structures like tents to instantly shelter homeless people.

According to the psychological point of view, the safety need is the primary need of individuals that comes after biological needs. So, it is the responsibility of authorities to provide shelter to those in crisis.

There are some organizations or departments aimed at providing shelter to the sufferers of any disaster. They take temporary measures to provide shelter until the process of reconstruction is going on.

All the basic facilities are a must in these shelters. The facility of counseling is provided in some emergency shelters for the healthy growth of individuals.

Some emergency shelters have extra facilities including life straws that protect the inhabitants from water-born pathogens. The material used to make some shelters is mosquito repellent which saves the inhabitants from the harm of mosquitoes or attacks of malaria.

There is variety in the types of shelters. Emergency shelters vary in designs, shapes, sizes, cost, and durability. The most common shelters which were used commonly in the past were made up of tents.

Now, different varieties of shelters are available such as shelters made up of plywood, installation board, and light plastic.

An emergency shelter must have some specific properties so that they facilitate the target population to a large extent. A perfect emergency shelter should be strong but lightweight and should have the capacity to hold the maximum number of people.

Another important feature of emergency shelters is that they should be manufactured in a way that the installment procedure must not be difficult.

They should be assembled easily without the help of instruments or tools. The most important element of emergency shelters that must be considered is that these shelters should have the ability to resist adverse climatic conditions and temperature extremes. Proper planning and management are required to make these places a convenient place to live.

With the same purpose and functions, some emergency and relief houses are built to provide shelter to the victims of the disaster. These houses are safe and stable, can be transported from one place to another, and are easy to assemble.

The major advantage of emergency shelters is that they are easy to assemble and a quick response to a disastrous situation. It is easy to connect the components of these shelters and install them anywhere hence providing quick relief to people in distress.

Michael Anderson is a safety expert. To make your workplace safe you need to make disaster relief shelters to avoid any contingency.

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