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A power outage kit is a survival kit that every prepper should invest in. Power outages are relatively common, and some may take longer than expected.

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How to Build a Power Outage Kit in Three Simple Steps

What Is a Power Outage Kit

It is a box or kit that you set aside with supplies you would need in case of a power outage. Power outages are relatively common, and while some are expected, others are caused by the elements and unexpected.

We all recently witnessed the Texas power outage that left people without clean water and freezing for a long time.

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How to Build a Blackout Box

Photo by Perry Correll

Step 1. Find the Perfect Box

A power outage box doesn’t have to be anything complex. Something as simple as a plastic storage bin will do. Plastic is the best material for a power outage box because it is light and offers excellent protection to the supplies.

Tip: The size of the box you choose will depend on the number of supplies you want to pack in it.

Step 2. Label the Blackout Box

Next, you need to do is label the power outage kit so that everyone can read and know what is in the kit. Additionally, it will help to notify your family about the kit and where it is, in case you are not around at the time of the blackout.

Tip: Place the blackout box in a central position where everyone has access.

Step 3. Pack Supplies

Once you have found the right box for your needs and have labeled it clearly, you need to pack it with the necessary supplies. These supplies could be essential flashlights, lamps, a radio, or anything else you think you might need during a blackout.

Note: There is no limitation to what you can pack in your power outage kit.

Which Supplies Can You Pack In a Power Outage Kit

1. Lanterns

Having several lighting options is vital, and lanterns are one of these. There is a wide range of lanterns out there but getting collapsible ones makes packing easier.

Additionally, having lanterns with different lighting modes is more adapted to meet your needs better. Lanterns also offer 360-degree coverage, which you need when having dinner, cooking, or waking to the bathroom.

Tip: Generally, lanterns are your best choice when you need to use both your hands for another task.

2. Flashlights

Unlike lanterns, flashlights offer a more directional coverage and are perfect for focusing tasks like when you need to find something in the dark. Also, your hands need to be available for flashlights to focus and the other to search.

Tip: You can overtime ensure that you have a lantern and flashlight for every room or member of your family.

3. Batteries

Since this kit is for use during a blackout, you will need some power source for your lanterns and flashlights. Since you don’t know when you will need the kit, going for batteries with a long shelf life will come in handy.

Duracell batteries are great because they come with a 10-year warranty. Rotating them every couple of years will help keep them in working condition.


  • You can use the batteries around your house after some years and replace them with a fresh batch.
  • Try to get supplies that require AA or AAA types of batteries. These types of batteries are easier to store away.
  • Also, having supplies that require the same type of batteries allows you to borrow and switch from one item to another.
  • Lastly, always store your blackout supplies without the batteries. It prevents them from being drained or corroding the terminals.

4. Voltage Meter

These will help you keep stock of how much voltage your batteries have. It keeps you in the loop for when you need to restock.
It also allows you to know the batteries you can switch up.

5. Battery-powered Radio

A battery-powered is a great way to stay informed during a power outage. It is essential as you may learn helpful information about the power outage even. It will also provide excellent background music during dinner as it can get quiet during blackouts.


  • A hand-cranked radio has more functions than a regular FM radio
  • Getting a radio with a light will be a great addition to your light sources
  • Even better, some have USB adapters ports that you can use to charge your phones

6. Playing Cards

With TVs and computers off, you and your family need a source of entertainment to stay occupied. A deck of cards is a great way to stay occupied, but you can play any game that you enjoy.

7. Battery Adapter

Adapters allow you to charge your power devices using your battery-powered supplies. Even without electricity, having fully powered cell phones is vital, and adapters make it possible even in the dark.

8. Glow Sticks

Glow kits are much safe than candles, especially if you have children in the house. This way, you don’t have to worry about the candles being knocked over and causing fires.

What’s more, children enjoy using these and will make the power outage less stressful for them. It is also a genius way to preserve the battery power in your power outage kit.

9. Glow Bracelets

Glow bracelets are also a great way to dimly light the house during the night, especially when everyone is sleeping. Hanging glow bracelets on the doorknobs makes moving around the house easy, especially in the middle of the night.

10. Headlamps

Headlamps come in handy when you need to accomplish tasks that require both your hands and a source of light at the same time. They are also an excellent option when searching for something.

Watch this video by Survival Vince on building a power outage/blackout box:

There you have it, preppers. As you can see, getting ready for an emergency blackout situation doesn’t have to be expensive. All you have to do is figure out what you need and commit to stocking up. The best thing is that you can do it over time.

What other supplies do you keep in your blackout box? Let us know in the comment section below!

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