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Bug Out Locations, Supplies & Resources

Over the next few weeks Lisa and I are going through all the steps of bugging out, and discussing why it’s more complicated than it seems on the surface. This week we are going over bug out locations, supplies and resources, and next week we will be talking about bug out vehicles, and why one might not be better than the other.

When we think about bugging out we tend to think about the most extreme situations, like a full blown economic collapse or war that leaves us no choice but to head for the hills. But in reality bugging out could mean something as simple as leaving your home for a few days or weeks.

With all the different variables involved with why you would bug out it’s impossible to create the perfect plan, but that’s why we plan for the worst, and hope for the best.

The Non Prepper Bug Out

In this week’s show we started off by talking about what the average person who knows nothing about prepping would do in a bug out situation.

We have seen a couple examples of this on the news. During hurricane Katrina people piled into the Super Dome where they were at the will of the authority’s and waited for help that never came. Here in Colorado a couple of years ago we had massive flooding that left people standing on the roofs of their homes waiting for rescue.

The non prepper doesn’t think like us and doesn’t plan like we do, yet it still leaves me with an uneasy feeling because it’s hard to tell what they will do in any given situation. Like the scenarios about, some people would probably stay in their homes until it was too late to leave, and so people would pack on the highways and head for where the help is supposed to be.

Let’s also not forget about the people who will be looking to take advantage of the situation by looting, robbing and getting whatever they can while the getting is good.

All of these are reasons we need to do the exact opposite of what a non prepper would do. While none of us want to leave our homes and our supplies, our lives and our wellbeing are worth much more than our stuff.

Bug Out Locations

Before we get into what you should bring with you we need to talk about some bug out location ideas, because where you go and how long you are staying need to be considered before you can pick the correct supplies to bug out with.

A bug out location is not just a fortified cabin in the hills, on top of a mountain, stocked with food, water and thousands rounds of ammunition. Although that would be nice, it’s just not feasible for most of us.

A Friend or Family Members House

Some situations just won’t require us to head out and become a refugee from society. An earthquake, flood or wildfire could leave your home severely damaged or destroyed, but it wouldn’t require packing up and heading out to the wilderness.

In a situation like this we all probably have some place we could go and feel welcome until we get back on our feet, and in some situations we might be that person who need to lend a helping hand.

On a side note, how great would this situation be to talk about why preparedness is so important to someone who looked at you like you were crazy when you brought it up in the past?

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