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Learn These Off-Grid Communication Methods

For many of us, it’s hard to imagine our lives without a cellphone. That’s how dependent we’ve become on them. Despite the fact that most of us did not own one during the first half of our lives. Now, we use them for a variety of tasks. Phone calls, text messages,...

Get Ready for Big Surge in Beef Prices

  Just when we thought meat prices had soared as high as they were going to, disturbing news has just arrived…  In this News4Patriots article, I’ll update you on exactly what’s going on with surging meat prices & why it’s happening. I’ll let you know what I plan...

Thank You!

Congratulations! You just made a great decision. I’m personally thrilled you decided to join our Early Bird Club. As a reminder, here are some of the perks you get: First dibs on holiday events (including Labor Day right around the corner) NEW product alerts...

Will You Have Water During a Power Outage?

  The first thing most people think about when a power outage occurs is how to produce light. Of course, this is especially true when it happens at night. That’s why flashlights should be kept close at hand in several different rooms. Next might be providing some...
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