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4Patriots Donates to ‘A Life Worth Celebrating’ Event

Last May, A Soldier’s Child Foundation (ASC) hosted its annual Dinner Banquet fundraiser at the Embassy Suites in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

Approximately 460 people attended the 13th Annual “A Life Worth Celebrating” event. More than $250,000 was raised for the organization, which since 2007 has been serving the children of fallen servicemen and women from all U.S. military branches.

The organization has done this through birthday celebrations and summer camps. As well as through mentorship programs and academic scholarships.

Among the contributors to the Dinner Banquet auction was 4Patriots, which contributed a Heroes’ Heritage American Flag. 4Patriots also donated 72-Hour Survival Food Kits as attendee gifts, and four 4Patriots employees attended. 4Patriots has also been making a monthly financial donation to ASC since (year???).

Celebrities join in the festivities

The evening featured a performance by country music singer and songwriter Tyler Farr. As well as appearances by Ron Capps and Tony Schumacher, two of the most decorated Top Fuel drivers in National Hot Rod Association history.

Three ASC moms shared their legacy stories of their fallen loved ones, and there was a birthday celebration for nine ASC children in attendance.

“Many of our attendees and sponsors, like 4Patriots, have been attending A Soldier’s Child Foundation Dinner Banquet for years,” said Daryl Macklin, founder and executive director of ASC. 

“They are the ones who have invested and helped build ASC into a national non-profit, right here in middle Tennessee.

“Together we are reaching the children of our fallen across our nation. We’re now serving close to 5,000 ASC kids.” He added, “People loved the survival food kits. There were none leftover.”    

4Patriots employees respond

Here’s what the four 4Patriots employees who attended the event had to say: 

Sydney Blanchard: “The ASC Banquet showed how dedicated and caring everyone involved in the program is. Wives spoke about their husbands who lost their lives and how the organization has helped them and their children in so many ways. Everyone came together and supported each other with donations and stories.” 

Megan Grant: “Every opportunity to interact with ASC leaves me inspired, and a little bit better than I was. I admire the strength and courage these families exhibit every day and cannot imagine going through what they have. I am so proud that 4P rallies behind an organization that rallies behind these families. Daryl is the truest example of a servant leader. It’s incredible to see the impact ASC has on these kids and getting to be a bright spot in a dark time in these kids’ lives.

Jocelyn Turzak: “It’s amazing to see folks that work with ASC come together for a night and talk about all of the good things the organization does. Seeing the families that A Soldier’s Child benefits is so inspiring and really makes me proud that 4Patriots works so much with them.”

Jacklyn Hetrick: “A Soldier’s Child created an environment filled with love, compassion, empathy and kindness unlike any other I’ve experienced before at their Banquet in May. The sense of community was strong. Everyone in the room knew the children by name, and everyone joined in both laughter and sadness as memories of their lost loved ones were shared. It was a pleasure to not only witness such camaraderie, but to represent 4Patriots as well. The gratitude was flowing and every attendee left with a full heart.”

Party preparation brainstorm

Daryl, who served as a chef in the U.S. Navy, came up with the idea for ASC while      

preparing for his own 6-year-old son’s birthday party.

He looked up at a photo of his neighbor’s son, Christian. Christian’s father, Marc Golczynski, was a fallen soldier from the Iraq War.

Daryl said had been looking at the work he was doing for his son’s invitations as a “chore.”

“I looked up at my wall and was immediately convicted in my spirit for my negative attitude,” he said. “My heart turned to Christian, who will never be able to have a party planned by his dad.

99% benefit from the 1%

“There are many children like Christian that will never receive another birthday from their father/mother. Because they gave their life while defending our freedoms.”

Daryl realizes he can never change that fact. But he also knows those children deserve much more than they receive.

“Ninety-nine percent of Americans never defended the freedoms that they get to live out in this country,” he said. “One percent of our population volunteers to do that and when they don’t come home, their children suffer for it.

“We’re caring about a population of children that nobody in our country is really thinking about. Part of our mission is to educate our country that these children – these families – exist. And really, they should be No. 1 on our list of giving.”

4Patriots is proud to be connected with such a worthy organization as A Soldier’s Child.

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