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I think we all agree that U.S. veterans deserve every ounce of respect we can give them. And much more.

One of the ways a very appreciative group honors our veterans is by flying them to Washington, D.C., then escorting them to many of the memorials in our nation’s capital over three days. That group is the Honor Flight Network.

Honor Flights typically transport 25-100 veterans and volunteer guardians on these flights about 300 times per year. The cost is covered by donations and what airlines contribute.

This year, 4Patriots donated $5,000 to the Honor Flight Network after sponsoring a Lone Eagle Flight in 2022.

WATCH: Veterans Visit War Memorials

In honor of Memorial Day 2022, Allie from the 4Patriots team joined Veterans with Honor Flight Network in Washington DC.   

And as I’ve mentioned before, you make this possible. By supporting our business, you allow us to provide funds and products to worthy organizations that benefit these heroes and others.

“Honor Flight is a way to say ‘thank you,’ but for many veterans, it’s a life-changing experience, not just for the veterans, but for their families and our volunteers,” said Honor Flight Network National Program Director Bobbie Bradley. 

“We encourage you to find a hub near you and sign up your veterans or volunteer to make an incredible difference in the lives of our heroes.” 

Veterans Love Their War Memorials 

For U.S. veterans, there is nothing as inspiring as visiting these war memorials. Especially for those vets who served their country many years ago.


Unfortunately, finances often stand in the way of this experience. These veterans would love to bask in the glory and solemnity of those memorials. But unless they live within driving distance, many realize it will probably never happen.


Unless, that is, they are part of an Honor Flight. The non-profit organization flies U.S. military veterans to Washington free of charge.


In addition to having their airfare and ground transportation covered, veterans receive shirts and gear, meals, and a memory book of their specific mission.


Program Launched in 2005

The Honor Flight Network launched in May 2005 when six small planes flew 12 veterans to Washington, D.C. It became popular very quickly. 

Soon commercial jets were used to transport the large number of interested veterans. More than 273,000 veterans have been flown to the nation’s capital for this purpose over the past 18 years, including about 21,800 in 2022.

Among the sites veterans see during these tours are the World War II Memorial, the Air Force Memorial, and the Navy Memorial. 

Plus the Marine Corps War Memorial, Korean War Veterans Memorial, Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Arlington National Cemetery, and others. 

Vets Treated Like Heroes They Are

Originating from across the country, the Honor Flights land at one of three airports: Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport, and Washington Dulles International Airport. 

Heroes’ Welcome is a subgroup of the Honor Flight Network. They conduct welcoming ceremonies at the airports. 

After landing in Washington, the veterans are escorted by their guardians to hotels and then to the various memorials over several days. 

The closer the group gets to memorials, the quieter it becomes. The memories are often still strong. When veterans see the statues of soldiers, sometimes they will say, “I was that guy” or “I carried that same rifle.” Nearly every veteran on the flight has a story to tell.

An Emotional Return

For many of the veterans, it’s their first time seeing these memorials. Most of them had to immediately start working as soon as they returned from their service. And they never had the time or resources to go.

Some veterans believe that no one shares their feelings about their service. But by the way they are treated on these trips, the veterans realize that people do care. The guardians who accompany them are a big part of that.

With May being Military Appreciation Month, 4Patriots extends its sincere gratitude to active-duty military members and veterans who have laid their lives on the line to keep us free, independent, and self-reliant.

At 4Patriots, it is a tradition to support military and veteran-focused nonprofit organizations. As one of our loyal customers, you are making a huge impact upon the lives of these veterans. 

Your purchases of our products enabled us to make financial donations of more than $365,000 last year ($1K a Day) to charitable organizations that champion freedom and self-reliance. 

Your Donations Make the Difference

Among the organizations receiving these donations were Operation Homefront, Team Rubicon, and A Soldier’s Child Foundation. Plus Fisher House Foundation, Hire Heroes USA, Pets for Vets, and For The Troops. 

Bobbie said Honor Flight has been very appreciative of donations from 4Patriots. 

“4Patriots supporters’ letters and donations have made an incredible difference to our veterans,” she said. “Your well wishes and heartfelt thank you’s are met with smiles, unexpected tears, and disbelief that someone they didn’t know would take the time to write to them.

“Every donation, no matter how small or large, is key to our success. A $20 donation has provided lunch or rain ponchos on a rainy day or sunscreen on a sunny day. Every gift is welcomed and appreciated.”  

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