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How to Plant Flowers in a Barrel

Plant Flowers in a Barrel | There are many types of barrels out there. I prefer the wood ones over the plastic ones. The wood barrels seem to stand up to the weather better and last longer. RELATED: 10 Common Plants that are Edible How to Plant Flowers in a Barrel...

Proper Hygiene for Indoors and Outdoors

It could be argued that improper hygiene has killed more people than anything else in world history. Many who have died from various diseases through the centuries either didn’t know how to avoid those illnesses or were physically unable to. But proper hygiene could...

Cade’s Corner: Basic Best Go Bag

Today I want to take a few minutes to go over some important preparedness basics.  Most people understand that being prepared can make all the difference in the event of a crisis or emergency situation.  And by now, with all the crazy things happening in this world,...

Stockpiling Food on a Tight Budget

Have you ever seen a photo of a family sitting comfortably in their underground bunker with big smiles on their faces? Their living space might be a tad cramped, but it looks like they have several years’ worth of non-perishable food and other items at their...
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