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Bug Out Bag Myths

I recently came across an article from SeasonedCitizenPrepper that brings up some good points about what you should have in your bug out bag, and some lies that get regurgitated in the preparedness community.

The truth is, there isn’t a “one size fits all” when it comes to bug out bags, get-home bags, or everyday carry kits. Each person is different, lives in a different environment, has a different skill set, and therefore will need different prepping supplies in their packs.

In this show Brain and I go over some of the points we agree with, and some we don’t. While everyone has their opinions, the decision is ultimately up to you when deciding what gear needs to be in your bug out bag.

In the video below we talk about some of the exaggerated claims made by some of these prepping websites, and what some of the most likely realities of using your bug out bag would be. Here are a few things we covered in the video and the podcast.

  • Your bug out bag will most likely be riding in your back seat, not on your back.
  • If you can’t use it, you don’t need it.
  • Hygiene and sanitation are underrated.
  • Why an expensive bag is actually a bad idea.

Why Preppers Get Labeled as Crazy

In the second half of the show, we talked about how preppers get labeled as fear mongers, nut jobs, and hoarders. It also seems like the average person’s interest in preparedness rolls in and out like the tide. The recent pandemic raised the eyebrows of a lot of people, but that interest seems to be waning.

Brain recently wrote an article over at Mind4Survival asking the question “Are Preppers Crazy”. We also talked about an article I wrote in the past about why preppers aren’t the crazy ones. I think preppers are playing chess while everyone else is playing checkers. As preppers, we tend to look 3 or 4 moves ahead, while everyone else is rolling with the tide.

In the video below we went over how fear plays into prepping, and how it can be a good and a bad thing. Sometimes fear can motivate us, and sometimes it can paralyze us. It’s also important to understand how people just getting interested in preparedness can be turned away based on how we approach the subject of prepping.

A few other topics we covered in the show are…

  • Preppers are seen as weird
  • Prepper Speak: different prepping acronyms
  • How preppers can actually be helpful
  • How to approach the non-prepper about preparedness

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