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Solar Generator: Must-Have Emergency Essentials 

People tend to think about food, water, and supplies when they plan out what they need for emergency preparedness. There’s no denying these three things are absolutely essential and will help you make it through an emergency. Food and water are the most important things you can stock up on to be prepared. That being said, there are other essential items that you should have ready to go in case of an emergency. One of these items happens to be a backup generator for when you lose power. 

We think that the best device you can have for any emergency (especially power outages and blackouts) is a generator. But we aren’t just talking about any regular generator that runs on fuel. We are talking about our solar-powered generator to give you power and electricity when you need it most. Unlike other fuel-powered generators, ours is solar-powered, which makes it much safer and way more reliable. It self-charges whenever it comes in contact with sunlight, so you won’t have to worry about it running out of fuel. 

One of the best parts about using a solar-powered generator is that it is fume-free. It is also quiet and does not make loud rattling noises, unlike other traditional generators. You can use it to power various items, including large appliances (such as refrigerators, freezers, and medical devices) and handheld devices like cell phones, tablets, and laptops. During an emergency, the last thing you want to deal with is being in the dark, making things even more dangerous. Having a solar-powered generator means you will never have to be without power during an emergency or natural disaster. 

What Other Solar-Powered Devices Should I Have?

A generator isn’t the only solar-powered device you can have on hand for emergencies. There are actually many everyday items that are solar-powered, which makes them great for emergencies because they will never die or run out of power. We have a few different options for you to consider adding to your solar-powered collection. 

  • Power Cell: This phone-charging power cell has two USB ports to charge two devices at once. You won’t ever have to go without your cell phone, even if you don’t have power and can’t use your charger. It can also charge laptops, tablets, and other small devices that use USB cords. 
  • Flashlight: Our tactical flashlight works great for whenever you need extra light as well as during emergencies. This flashlight has a small solar panel on the front of it which charges it up whenever it comes in contact with the sun. Just leave it by a window or outdoors during a bright and sunny day, and you will have hours upon hours of light from the charge. 
  • Disinfecting Power Bank: This disinfecting light uses UV-C light rays to kill bacteria. This is perfect for when you don’t have running water and can’t disinfect things with soap and water. It is also a great travel companion for flying and taking trains.  

Other Emergency Essentials

While a solar-powered generator is a must-have emergency essential item, there are plenty of other things you are going to need. You can’t survive on having power and electricity alone! Depending on the severity of your situation, you will likely need a variety of tools and supplies to help you if you are going to make it through the emergency unharmed. While different people might need different items that are more specific to their situation, there are some items that everyone will need. Below, we talk about three items that are absolutely essential for emergencies. 

Survival Kit 

You must have a survival kit to be ready for any emergency. The purpose of a survival kit is to help you make it through any emergency. This kit contains the supplies to treat minor to moderate injuries, store your survival food and clean drinking water, and store tools that can be used in various situations. As long as your situation does not require you to go to the hospital, the survival kit should help you get through whatever the situation might be. There are a few specific items you should consider keeping in your kit. 

You should include tools such as a sharp knife and scissors. You will also need a lighter or fire starter, first aid supplies, the survival food we talked about, and purified water. You can also keep blankets, extra clothes, and other similar items to provide warmth and comfort.

Everyone’s situation is different, which means there are likely additional items you may or may not need. For example, if you or a family member needs a certain medicine, you should store extra. Or, if there is a baby in your household, make sure you have extra baby formula or baby food. 

Survival Food

If you are going to make it through an emergency, you’re going to need to eat food and enough of it to keep you full and alert. When stocking up on food for emergencies, you want to get non-perishable items. Non-perishable food is also referred to as survival food. If you are looking for the best and most high-quality survival food kits, you will find them right here at 4Patriots. Our food is freeze-dried, which means it is designed to last 25 years. 

This non-perishable, incredibly shelf-stable food ensures you will be prepared for emergencies for over two decades! That is a long time to go without having to worry about buying more food or running out of it when you need it most. We have a ton of different options for survival food kits, ranging from a three-day supply to a week-long supply, all the way up to three month’s worth of food (that’s 600 servings of survival food). 

First-Aid Kit 

You should always have first aid supplies on hand and ready for emergencies. Our first-aid kit contains 129 items, which range from tape to bandaids to scissors, cold packs, and gauze. Basically, it has everything you need to take care of cuts, scrapes, wounds, and other minor injuries. All of these items come in a lightweight 1.5-pound bag that zips up, which makes it super convenient to take places or to store in your survival kit if you have one. Another great thing about this first-aid kit is that it’s not just useful to have for emergencies. It also works well to just have on hand for any everyday injuries that aren’t necessarily an emergency. 


Now you know that emergency essentials aren’t just food and water. These are definitely essential, but other things can help make things easier and safer for you during an emergency. Having a solar-powered generator is the best way to ensure that you and your family do not have to go without power during an emergency. Electricity is essential for your ability to communicate, charge important devices, and power your appliances. When you are stocking up on supplies for emergency preparedness, consider getting a solar-powered generator as well. 





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