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Prepping for the SHTF scenario is not a paranoid move. Natural or man-made disasters could strike anytime and that’s a fact of life. Boring? Well, it should be. We’re not here to amuse you but to help you help yourself. Read on and thank us later.

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Preparing Yourself for SHTF Situations

1. Establish A Strong Foundation

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When we say foundation, we are talking about a financial bedrock for emergencies. This simply means that you should have enough disposable cash ready for unexpected events. For instance, when a family member gets hospitalized, your financial capability should be solid enough to pay for medicines and medical procedures.

2. Make Your Home Emergency Proof

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It is always best to think ahead of time. The best practice is to ensure that your home is well-provisioned with supplies. You should at least have two weeks worth of essential goods such as food, medicine, and clothing at your disposal. It is also indispensable to check on and replace perishable supplies regularly.

3. Learn the Basics and Practice

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There is a reason why fire and earthquake drills are important. These activities train your muscle memory to cope with danger during emergencies. What is the use of your supplies and equipment if you don’t know how to use them? As often as you can, try to master basic preparedness skills. Use these skills with your gear. Practice makes perfect.

4. Go Beyond the Basics

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It is not enough to know rudimentary skills and knowledge. Disasters are unreasoning monsters that never know the difference between beginners and experts. The point is to always push yourself beyond your comfort zone. Think of it as training for the biggest battle of your life. When you always carry this mindset, you could never go wrong. Read Sun Tzu’s Art of War. You will learn a thing or two.

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Top 5 Things You Shouldn’t Do When SHTF

1. Going Out Without A Good Plan

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You wouldn’t want to run around like a headless chicken during a Catch 22 situation. This will endanger not only your life but the lives of your loved ones. You need to have a plan. But not just a plan. It has to be good or don’t bother having one at all.

The first thing you want to know is your destination. Find out how you will get there. Of course, you will be needing a map, a compass, or if possible a GPS tracker. Apart from identifying your exact target destination, estimate how long will it take to get there. Not only this but you also need to find the safest and the fastest route. Make a good plan.

2. Lack of Plan for Pets and Properties

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When you are prepping for SHTF situations, you visualize the possibility of long-term bug-out scenarios. The worse thing that could ever happen is you not returning home. If you think this is bad, imagine what your pets would go through in this circumstance. Aside from this, the properties that you will abandon will be in danger of destruction or theft.

The best practice is to make sure that your pets are well-provisioned and free from constriction. At least they could have better chances of survival in the open. In terms of properties, you will leave behind, keep the doors locked and the valuables in the most secure place. Also make sure that gas lines, water, and other utilities are properly shut off to avoid any untoward incident while you’re away.

3. Carrying More Than Necessary

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During bug-out situations, long and tedious hikes are a given. Ideally, you should be available to endure torturous treks on treacherous terrains. That would be a major problem when you are carrying a heavy load on your back. Travel light.

The idea is to carry only the most essential things that would fit your bug-out bag. These would include a good provision of food and water, a first aid kit, clothing, a blanket, a tent, and some tools. Other than these items, everything else is a luxury.

4. Not Carrying Important Documents

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Even if the prospect of going back home may be dim, you still need to welcome the possibility of a safe return. Who knows, right? And you wouldn’t want to be in a scenario where you have no proof of your legal identity. Ensure that you bring essential documents such as a birth certificate, license, Conceal Carry Permit, and Social Security Number.

5. Not Carrying Enough Provisions

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You need provisions like food and water to survive during bug-out scenarios. Apart from arming yourself with skills to feed yourself the wild, you also need to be well-provisioned. Think of your supplies as a long-term backup plan when the prospect of hunting or gathering food in the wild is low.

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As our world continues to be more prone to natural disasters and man-made catastrophes, having a state-of-war mindset is not unreasonable. Make no mistake though. Prepping for SHTF situations is not about being in a constant state of panic. When you are prepared for anything, you can be more chill. So, worry about everything now, so you can relax later. Let’s do this!


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