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The Preparedness Mindset & Networking

In today’s show, we have a great guest on with us to talk about building a preparedness network and having the right mindset going into any disaster or SHTF situation. Butch runs the Hope For Survival website, has written a couple of books, and is a presenter at Heritage Life Skills.

Butch is the author of the preparedness book Hope for Survival – How Food, Water, Shelter, and Security Could Save Your Life and runs the preparer website Hope for Survival where he publishes a weekly newsletter, articles, and started a weekly virtual zoom rally to allow HFS preparers the opportunity to continue preparing with other like-minded individuals.

Through Covid-19 during 2020 HFS has built preparedness groups virtually helping community groups better prepare for the day-to-day disasters and life changes.

Butch is a decorated U.S. Air Force Veteran of 20 years and public speaker on Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Recovery. With over 39 years of experience in all facets of global security, vulnerability assessments, and emergency planning, Butch continues his efforts to focus on the spiritual and psychological foundation of the family and individual preparedness.

Preparedness Groups & Networks

While not everyone can join or create a prepping group, it’s nearly impossible to be the “Lone Wolf” and expect to survive in longer-term situations. Throughout history, people have created communities and joined together because no one can be 100% self-reliant.

We need to surround ourselves with people who can benefit our preparedness plans and not decrease our survivability. This doesn’t mean we need to form a defined “prepper groups”, but as Butch mentioned in the show, there are other options available.

The Preparedness Mindset

In the show, Butch talked about why having the right mindset is so important in preparedness. Not just in a disaster situation, but for every stage of preparedness. Having the right mindset in the beginning stages of preparedness is just as important as they are in the latter stages.

Having the proper mindset also helps you stay vigilant and focus on the important tasks that will have the most benefit down the road. While we’d all love to have a year’s worth of food storage, but we need to start with weeks and months before we get to years.

More From Butch

You can use the links to find out more about Butch and the two books he has written, and we go into more detail about the preparedness mindset, beginning prepping, and building a preparedness community is the show. You can also watch the video version above.

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