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How to Survive a Power Grid Attack

How long can you survive without clean drinking water, gas, or power? Learning how to survive a power grid attack will give you an upper hand at avoiding these eventualities associated with power grid attacks. Learn with us some of the answers to the frequently asked...

12 Survival Items to Score at Home Depot

Any experienced prepper knows that there are some must-have survival items everyone needs to brave a disaster. Check out this roundup of the most common survival gear you can get from your local Home Depot. RELATED: 37 Urban Survival Skills To Master Before SHTF 12...

37 Survival Foods to Stock For Any Disaster

Every prepper needs to be familiar with the best foods to stock up on in preparation for a disaster. Here is a detailed list to help you get started. RELATED: Storm Safety Kit 101 | Everything You Need To Survive  37 Sure Bet Survival Foods to stock up on in Your...

Blackout Preparedness For Beginners

While the pandemic is a huge issue we all have to deal with, certain crises that are inevitable can occur and may leave us warry – such as blackout. Here is a detailed beginner guide on becoming self-sufficient during blackouts. A self-sufficient blackout preparedness...

US Spends TRILLIONS to Cure The Common Flu

Is this the most expensive Flu season America has ever seen? While thousands of people are grateful for their stimulus money, what is the true cost of fighting the common flu? February is usually the peak of flu season, with doctors’ offices and hospitals packed with...

Building a Power Outage/Blackout Kit

A power outage kit is a survival kit that every prepper should invest in. Power outages are relatively common, and some may take longer than expected. RELATED: Emergency Preparedness for Blackout Threats How to Build a Power Outage Kit in Three Simple Steps What Is a...
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