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Have you seen Cade Courtley’s Grid Down, Episode 1 video yet? I hope so. It’s awesome.

If you’ve already seen it, you’ll be thrilled to know that Episode 2 is now available. As you know, Cade is a former Navy SEAL commander, author and survival television show host. If anyone knows how to deal with emergency situations, it’s Cade.

As a quick recap of Episode 1, Cade simulates a “worst case scenario” of a loss of power on a national level. Cade systematically goes through a timeline from the first five minutes through the first seven days.

The purpose is to prepare viewers in advance should they ever find themselves in such a catastrophic event. He addresses recommended actions in the following categories: food, water, shelter, security and medical.


Preparation is 90% of survival


Cade reminds us in Episode 1 that preparation is 90 percent of surviving any life-threatening situation. He encourages us to identify any deficiencies in our preparations. Including areas where we might need to augment our supplies and equipment.

As an example, he tells us that five minutes after the grid goes down, we need to provide some light with a 4Patriots Halo XT flashlight, make sure all doors and windows are locked, and turn off the gas.

Next, check your cell phone for service. Then attempt to collect any water from sinks, showers and toilets while there is pressure. Close all interior doors to create interior boundaries. Decide on a living space on the ground level of your home.

Finally, he recommends setting up your Patriot Power Sidekick solar generator, turning on a lamp and starting up your 4Patriots Liberty Band Radio to monitor for information.


7 days after


That’s just a quick recap of Episode 1. I strongly encourage you to watch the entire first Episode. It will give you much more in the way of details you need to know.

But now, on to Episode 2. In this Episode, Cade starts with his recommendations on what to do seven days following the blackout.

He suggests continuing to monitor your Liberty Band Radio for information. Maintain its charge. Also maintain your security plan. Maximum awareness with a minimum profile. Shades drawn and low interior light signature.

If you have a firearm, it should always be within arm’s reach. Install 4Patriots Solar Sentry motion detection lights at key and vulnerable areas of your home’s exterior. Such as front door, back door, etc.


It’s rationing time


Ration water you have on hand. Use snow collected first and melted with the 4Patriots Sun Kettle. In addition, use the 4Patriots Pure Water Filtration System to ensure it’s safe to drink.

Because food perishables are probably consumed by now, switch to your 4Patriots Survival Food Kits. Ration them by having two meals per day. Use the 4Patriots Sun Kettle to heat water for food preparation.

Maintain your charging of the Patriot Power Generator using the solar panels. Then reconfigure your power usage. You no longer need to power your refrigerator. Use the generator for lights and a heating unit.

Continue to place all human waste at your exterior site. But use caution anytime you exit your home. Always carry your firearm or any self-defense item when traveling outside.


You need a survival mindset


Perform a self-assessment. This means a temperature check and dehydration level (color of urine). As well as checking head to toe for any pain or irregularities.

At this point, you need to stop and realize that you may be in this situation for a while. This is the time to shift into a “long haul” survival mindset.

Help is probably not on the way. You need to mentally prepare for several weeks of this existence.

Limit your expenditure of energy. But stay busy with a series of chores and other activities to keep your mind busy. Create a daily routine.


14 days after


Continue monitoring your Liberty Band Radio for information. Maintain its charge, using the sun.

You are probably using the water stored in your hot water heater by now. Try to limit it to no more than two liters per day. If there is still snow outside, continue to collect and melt it. But never drink that water without first using the Patriot Pure Water Filtration System or Sun Kettle.

Things are getting bad. There will be desperate people who are not as prepared as you are. Be especially vigilant at night. Take this time to fortify possible entry points into your home.

Utilize furniture as barricades to doors and mattresses over windows. But ensure you have at least one possible escape route from your home.


Stay physically fit


Continue your two-meals-a-day plan with your 4Patriots Survival Food. If you have the 4-week Kit, this will last for a while. An electric hot plate plugged into your Patriot Power Generator will be ideal for heating water to prepare these meals. Or you can heat water in your Sun Kettle Personal Water Heater.

Under no circumstances should you use propane to heat water in the interior of your home. If you require prescription medication on a daily basis, take an inventory. You

may want to take it every 36 hours instead of every 24 hours to stretch out availability.

Again, perform a self-assessment. How are you feeling? Aspirin or Motrin might help with aches, pains or fever.

Incorporate stretching into your daily routine. It won’t require much energy but will be very beneficial both physically and mentally. Again, you are in this for the long haul.


30 days after


It’s been a month since the power went out but you are still alive. Take a moment to pat yourself on the back for a job well done. Now get back in the fight.

Continue monitoring your Liberty Band Radio for information. Maintain its charge.

Your primary concern should be water at this point. You have exhausted all melted snow.

And the water stored in your hot water heater is running low. Switch to one liter a day of consumption and one liter a day for food prep.


You’ve made it this far… don’t quit


Continue to maintain your security awareness. This is not the time to slack off.

Because you are reducing the use of water by 50 percent, use 4Patriots Survival Food Bars as one of your meals, with 4Patriots Survival Food as your second.

Not only are you physically wiped out, but more so mentally. You have to maintain a positive attitude. You have food, water and shelter, and are relatively healthy.

You are in a much better place than the vast majority of people trying to endure this catastrophe. Stay busy, stay focused. And above all else, don’t quit!


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