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For this episode of Survival Medicine Podcast, they talk about Instruments, Rats, Hair Loss.

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Survival Medicine Podcast: Instruments, Rats, Hair Loss

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Many of the medical items in your storage, like instruments and some dressings, may come already sterile, but in survival, dressings are consumed and the sterile instruments become dirty. This leads to the question of how to sterilize your reusable items and produce a store of sterile supplies. Dr. Joe Alton discusses how best to disinfect reusable and even some disposable items in the aftermath of a major long-term disaster.

Also, a major obstacle to good sanitation and health in survival will be infestation of retreats by rodents like rats and mice. Their droppings, urine, saliva, and nests can contaminate your food supply and make things much harder. Dr. Bones discusses all sorts of strategies to keep your retreat rodent-free.

Plus, a question from a listener about alopecia aereata, a hair loss syndrome that can be difficult to deal with in good times or bad.

All this and more in the latest Survival Medicine Podcast, with Joe Alton MD and Amy Alton NP.

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