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The following recipe for Large Batch Spaghetti Sauce is from SurvivalBlog reader Joe T. This recipe is for making a large quantity of sauce to store in the freezer for future use. You will need one large 4 gallon kettle or two 2 gallon kettles. Ingredients Italian sausage, 4 lb Hamburger, 4 lb 7, 24 oz Classico pasta sauce or 5 quarts homemade pasta sauce 4, 32 oz home-cooked stewed tomato 20 diced garlic cloves 4 tsp Oregano 4 tsp Cilantro 8 TBL diced Rosemary 4 TBL diced Tine 4 TBL salt 4 diced onion 4 to 10 TBL sugar …

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