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6 Reasons You Need To Stock On Survival Food

There are four main things you need to survive any emergency or natural disaster: water, food, shelter, and supplies. The most important things from this list are food and water. While it would be dangerous and challenging, it is possible to survive without shelter and supplies. However, you simply cannot survive without food and water. 

In this article, we will discuss survival food and what makes it an essential item. There are tons of reasons why you should stock survival food in preparation for emergencies, but we will focus on the six most important reasons. You never know when disaster might strike or when an emergency will hit. Even if you could predict when something will happen, you can never know what will happen during the actual crisis. If you are going to make it through, you will need some survival food.

1.To Save Your Life

This might seem like the most clear-cut reason, but we still think it is worth mentioning. It is also the most crucial reason to stock survival food. One hard fact you must face when preparing for emergencies is that you simply will not survive without food and water. Getting enough to eat should be your top priority if you are stuck at home (or anywhere, really) and you find yourself in the middle of an emergency. During a natural disaster or worst-case-scenario emergency, being stocked with survival food on hand could be the difference between life and death. 

2.To Save You Time

Time is both precious and essential, and this is especially true during any emergency or disaster. You never know what situation you might find yourself in, and you might only have time to figure out your next move and how to stay safe. It’s more than likely you won’t have extra time to go and get food if there is a crisis at hand. If you have survival food already stocked and ready to go, it will help to cut out any time that would otherwise need to be spent finding food and other supplies.

3.To Save You Money

This is a fundamental reason, but it’s actually one of the least thought about and most overlooked reasons. During a disaster, essential items, food, and supplies will more than likely become extremely expensive. Suddenly canned goods are $5 each rather than 80 cents each, and a box of granola bars could easily cost you $10! Do not wait until an actual emergency or disaster hits to gather food, or it will end up costing you a lot more than if you buy survival food ahead of time. 

4.To Help Make Things Easier During Emergencies

Emergencies and natural disasters are stressful, hard, and dangerous as they are; why make things even more stressful on yourself by having more to worry about? Make things easier by having your survival food ready to go at a moment’s notice. As we mentioned, you cannot survive without food. If you have survival food ready, you have already increased your chances of making it through an emergency or natural disaster. With food taken care of… You will be able to focus on other things, such as making it to safety or finding shelter. 

5.To Be Prepared

In a perfect world, you and your loved ones would never have to go through an emergency or natural disaster. Unfortunately, it’s more than likely you will experience at least one emergency in your lifetime. This is a scary thought, but it doesn’t have to make things stressful. The best way to make it through any dangerous or tough situation is to be prepared. This means you need to have the right supplies, the most important of which is your survival food. 

If you have survival food stashed away in a disaster-proof location, you’ve already removed so many obstacles and dangers for you and your family. You will never have to worry about going hungry or having to leave the safety of your shelter to search for food. Just knowing your survival food is available will help to provide peace of mind. 

6.To Include in a Survival Kit

Having survival food is not the same thing as having a survival kit. A survival kit contains a more extensive amount of supplies, including tools, water, solar-powered equipment, and anything else you might need to survive, which can vary from person to person. But, as we know, food is part of surviving and should therefore be included in your kit. Keeping everything together will help to keep things organized and accessible. When you stock up on survival food, you ensure you’ll always have food for your survival kit

What is Survival Food?

Survival food is food that is non-perishable and will help you survive emergencies. You can find the best and most high-quality survival food kits at 4Patriots. Our food is designed to last for 25 years, which means it has an amazing shelf-life and is non-perishable! Imagine being prepared for emergencies for over two decades by having our survival food stocked at your home. Once you buy it, you won’t have to worry about buying more or running out of supplies for years to come. 

You can buy survival food in all sorts of variations and quantities. You should base your purchase on the number of people who live in your household. For example, if you live alone, you can buy one of whatever survival food kits you want. Each of our kits is designed to last one person for the number of days listed on the packaging, so we do not recommend dividing kits between family members (although, if it’s an extreme emergency, you can). If you have a family, then you should consider buying one kit per person. Here are some of your best options:

  • 4-Week Survival Food Kit: This kit is one of our most popular survival food kits. It gives you a month’s worth of food, ensuring you are prepared for the long-haul. 
  • 72-Hour Survival Food Kit: The 72-hour kit will give you three day’s worth of nutrients and calories to help you survive. This also makes a great kit to keep in your car for road trips. 
  • Emergency Food Bars: These bars make the perfect addition to any survival kit and are great to have readily available. They can act as meal replacements if need be.  


Survival food is not just important — it’s essential. The truth is, you simply do not know what situation you might find yourself in during an emergency. If you are prepared (as prepared as you can be), you increase your chances of survival and decrease stress and danger. While most people like to have a larger survival kit that contains supplies as well as food, even just having survival food well-stocked is a great place to start. As we said, it is possible to survive without supplies, but it’s not possible to make it without food and water. 





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