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Producing at Least Some of Your Food for Everyone

One thing I hear so many successful people in the food production world say almost every time one of them speaks is “grow at least some of your own food”. The problem is the only solution they usually provide is something like, “even if it is just some herbs in a window”.

Now don’t get me wrong, as you will see today I think growing some herbs is a great idea but I also see it as one and only one step in making a meaningful contribution to your diet and life though growing your own food. What I tried to put together today is a blueprint, damn near step by step to grow a signifigant amount of food that will work for almost anyone.

Anyone with anything approaching a lot, even postage stamp in size will be able to do all or at least most of it. Even some apartment and town home type dwellers will be able to do much of it. In the end though much will require a bit of land, but not much and none of it will cost a huge amount of money either.

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