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Here’s a haunting, but reassuring statistic: 

83% of blackouts in the USA are weather-related. And it’s getting worse. Outages in the past 10 years surged by a whopping 64% compared to the last decade.

It’s eerie. Because storms are getting stronger, too. Last year alone, 18 storms resulted in at least $1 billion in damage each. More than $165 billion total.

But knowing Mother Nature is the main cause for a majority of power outages — it’s reassuring. We’ve seen our fair share of devastating storms that have shaken our communities. So we know what to expect.

The fact of the matter is, you can’t stop Mother Nature. But you can slow down the destruction she causes to you and your family.

Think about it. America’s recent history of natural disasters reads like a cautionary tale (or a guidebook)… 

  1. Midwest:
  • Tornadoes: Remember the devastating twisters in Joplin, Missouri in 2011? They showed us the sheer power of nature.
  • Floods: The 2019 Midwest flooding was one for the record books, affecting millions of acres of farmland.
  1. Northeast:
  • Hurricanes: Hurricane Sandy in 2012 was a wake-up call for many. Destroying over 600,000 homes along the East Coast and affecting 24 states.
  • Winter Storms: The 2015 Snowmageddon reminded us of the power of snow and ice. And how quickly meat goes at the grocery store.
  1. West:
  • Wildfires: The California wildfires of 2018 were some of the deadliest. Burning 18,000 structures in a matter of 4 hours.
  • Heatwaves: The 2021 heatwave affected the Pacific Northwest, breaking many temperature records.
  1. South:
  • Tropical Storms: Tropical Storm Imelda in 2019 showed us that even smaller storms can cause significant flooding.
  • Hurricanes: Hurricane Harvey in 2017 brought unprecedented flooding to Texas. Hurricane Ian was the deadliest hurricane to strike the state of Florida since 1935. A 162-mile-per-hour monster that destroyed homes, neighborhoods and families. 
  • Tornadoes: The tornado outbreak of 2011 recorded over 200 tornadoes across the Southeast. 122 tornados killed 321 people and devastated the citizens of Alabama.

Recently, we were all reminded by Tropical Storm Idalia about the importance of being prepared.

At 4Patriots, our goal is to help you be ready for whatever Mother Nature throws your way. I’ve put together a Natural Disaster Preparedness Checklist for you. It’s linked down below for you to download & print it. So you can stash it with all your gear.

Here’s a quick peek…

Natural Disaster Preparedness Checklist:

❐  Clean Water: Store at least one gallon of water per person per day for three days.

❐  Shelf-Stable Food: Pack a minimum three-day supply of non-perishable food items. More is better. Our delicious survival food is a great choice!

❐  Solar-Powered Radio: To hear news and updates, no matter how long the power is out.

❐  Multi-Use Flashlight & Rechargeable Batteries: To keep a light on in a storm.

❐  First Aid Kit: For any minor injuries.

❐  Whistle or SOS Beacon: To signal for help.

❐  Moist Towelettes & Garbage Bags: For personal hygiene.

❐  Tools: A wrench or pliers to turn off utilities and glass-breaking hammer for dire situations.

❐  Local Maps: To know where to go if you need to leave your home.

And always remember, extreme heat can be very harmful. In fact, sadly, it’s the leading cause of weather-related deaths in the U.S. So please… stay cool and drink lots of water.

Your safety and your family’s safety is everything. I promise to help you be ready for anything. Let’s face tomorrow with confidence and care.

>> Download & print your full disaster preparedness checklist here