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Master the art of self-defense using a Kubotan! This small weapon could stop even the biggest attacker in its tracks. How? Check this out.

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Killer Tips That Will Make You A Kubotan Master

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How to Use a Kubotan

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Step 1: Grip

Knowing how to hold the kubotan is the first step in mastering the weapon. There are five main gripping techniques to maximize its full stopping power:

  • Center Point Grip

Do this by holding the weapon in the middle. You can achieve better control by letting its small part stick out of your hand.

  • Hammer Grip

Grip it like you are holding a hammer. This allows you to expose a part of the weapon above the thumb line.

  • Ice Pick Grip

Hold the weapon as if you are gripping an ice pick. As opposed to the hammer grip, you expose the pointed area below your pinky line.

  • Reinforced Ice Pick Grip

This is like the ice pick grip. You add more stopping power by placing your free hand above the kubotan.

  • Saber Grip

Hold it exactly as you would a saber sword. Extend your arm forward while gripping the weapon.

Step 2: Stance

Learning proper kubotan stances is a huge factor for your success in using this weapon. The position of your attacker determines what type of stance to use.

Two Main Stances in Using A Kubotan:

  • Low Concealment Stance

Do this by holding the kubotan down at either side of your upper body. With this stance, one hand hides the weapon while the other limb is free to control the attacker’s advances.

  • High Concealment Stance

Suitable for close-range combat, you do this by raising your hand at arm’s length. This gives your free arm leeway to react faster while concealing the weapon out of the attacker’s sight.

Step 3: Stab!

The next skill that you need to master is the proper stabbing technique. You need to stab a particular area with precision while using the full weight of your upper body for the strike.

The key to this is by focusing on the pressure points of the attacker’s body. Identifying the attacker’s pressure points determines the effectiveness of your strike.

11 Basic Pressure Areas to Hit with a Kubotan:

  • Eyes
  • Base of skull
  • Throat
  • Ears
  • Sternum
  • Collar bone
  • Solar plexus
  • Spine
  • Groin
  • Hands
  • Elbows

7 Tips to Keep in Mind when Learning How to Use a Kubotan

1. Learn Other Kubotan Techniques

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Apart from the above-mentioned application, the kubotan has other self-defense functions. There are techniques that even untrained people could master with minimal training time.

These techniques include:

  • Controlling Technique

You can use the kubotan to control an attacker. By applying pressure on vulnerable areas, your can reduce your opponent into submission.

  • Razing Technique

This weapon is also effective in taking down an attacker without lethal consequences. Striking the groin or solar plexus, for instance, could render your opponent immobile.

  • Punch Enhancement Technique

Make your punching power stronger by gripping the kubotan. This is effective in neutralizing an attacker with minimal damage.

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2. Improve Your Precision

What’s the point in carrying this weapon around without the skill to use it. Anyone can stab away with a kubotan, but the goal is precision.

Striking precision is honed through consistent practice. There are also formal courses that could help improve your skills.

3. Develop Your Speed

Speed is crucial in making a kubotan an effective self-defense weapon. Make sure that you are always a step ahead of your opponent.

Developing speed is not achieved overnight. Like all other skills, practice is always key.

4. Use it Defensively

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Keep in mind that you can inflict serious physical harm or even take lives with a kubotan. You may even end up in jail even for defending yourself.

It is important to have a defensive mindset before you start carrying this weapon around. The whole purpose of using it is for protection alone and nothing more.

5. Know its Legality

Depending on where you are, there are various laws about the use of a kubotan. Though it is legal to own or carry it in the United States, airline companies prohibit it.

In some countries, carrying it is a serious criminal offense. It is best to do some research first before you bring it with you while traveling.

6. Use it With Precaution

It is not unlikely for small kids to mistake a kubotan for a toy. After all, some even look like fancy keychains.

Make sure that this deadly item is always out of children’s reach. They could inflict severe damage on others or themselves by playing with it

7. Use it Instinctively

The whole point of carrying a kubotan is for you to use it when the need arises. You need to feel comfortable using the weapon under pressure.

Practice using it until it’s second nature to you. This is only achieved through constant training.

4 Reasons Why You Should Use a Kubotan

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1. It’s Simple

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It is easy to use. It does away with batteries or ammunition.

2. It’s Stealthy

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Measuring around five inches long, a kubotan is easy to conceal. You can secure it under your pants or shirt without attracting attention.

3. It’s Cheap

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You can buy a kubotan at a fraction of a hunting knife’s cost. It’s affordable yet almost as effective.

4. It’s Effective

Developed for close-range combat, a kubotan is an effective self-defense weapon. The Los Angeles Police Department wouldn’t use it if it weren’t so.

Looking for kubotan hacks? Check this How to Use a Kubotan Tutorial vid by Nic Drossos Defensive Tactics:

We are living in a dangerous world. At the end of the day, there’s no one there to look out for you but yourself. A simple weapon such as the kubotan could spell the difference between life and death.

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