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Knowing how to treat a snake bite can save lives. Less than 10 percent of venomous snake bites are lethal, but that does not mean the 90 percent are not dangerous.

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How to Treat a Lethal Snake Bite In Four Simple Steps

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Step 1. Take Account of the Situation

Panicking after a snake bite is the most natural reaction, but that will do you more harm than good. It increases your heart rate, resulting in increased blood circulation, meaning that the venom is distributed further into your bloodstream, which is lethal.

Therefore, stay calm as possible and note the snake’s shape, color, size, or pattern. This will help doctors narrow down on the snake that bit you making it easier for them to treat you.

Note: Only do this if it’s safe for you, easy, and can be done quickly.

Step 2. Prevent Further Damage

Next, remove anything around the wound that may compress the bite area. This includes anything from tight clothes, shoes, or jewelry.

Not doing this may lead to rapid swelling that could cause further damage. You want to increase your chances, especially when you are probably miles from the nearest hospital.

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Step 3. Clean the Bite Wound

Next, clean the bite area with clean water before loosely bandaging the wound. The point is washing the wound is to remove any dirt that may be stuck in the area.

Keeping in mind that thoroughly cleaning the wound may wash off the venom. This would make treatment harder, especially if you did not note the type of snake that bit you.

Reminder: Avoid tourniquets, cutting, applying ice, or using suction devices, including your mouth, which could make the situation worse.

Tip: You can use a clean piece of cloth if you do not have a bandage

Step 4. Seek Medical Attention

If you had called an ambulance, stay put and wait for it to show up. Reduce movement as much as possible and ensure that you are safer to avoid more attacks.

However, since getting a signal while in remote outdoors can be challenging, find a way to get to the nearest hospital. If getting to a hospital is not an option, find a way to get to people who can help you. This could be anyone you come across.

Note: Remember to keeping the bitten area immobile as possible and below your heart level.

Here’s an instructographic guide. Don’t forget to download, save, or share this handy instructographic for reference:

There you have it, survivalists. Unless a snake has bitten you with a truly dangerous venom, the effects of most snakebite largely depend on your response. The key is to stay calm to prevent the venom from entering your bloodstream, where it can be fatal.

Did you know that some of the most venomous snakes in the world can kill 100 men with a single bite? Make sure to watch this video for a comprehensive list of venomous snakes:

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