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If you’re in a survival situation, then one of your immediate concerns is for a survival shelter. If you come across any natural structure that can provide you shelter, then you don’t need to build your own shelter.

But if you don’t have a choice but to build your own shelter, then you need to look for a site that would be appropriate for building your shelter. You have to remember the following tips while looking for a suitable site.

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How to Build a Survivalist Shelter

  • The site must have materials readily available that you’ll need to build your shelter.
  • The site should be spacious enough so that you can lie down easily.
  • You should also consider some of the problems that might arise while you’re living in your temporary shelter. If you think that wild animals might be lurking about, you can build a campfire near your shelter to deter them.
  • Abstain from building a shelter in an area near a beehive or on a hilltop.
  • Choose a site that is on a higher elevation and free of rocks.
  • Abstain from building shelter extremely close to the foothills or banks of a body of water.

The kind of shelter you want to build depends on the materials you would use, the site of shelter, and weather conditions.

The different kinds of survivalist shelters are tree stump shelter, transom knot, warm pocket shelter, a lean-to shelter, debris shelter, dugout shelter, poncho tent, among others. So let’s discuss debris and warm pocket shelters in more detail:

Debris Shelter

Look for a strong branch of a tree at least one foot taller than you. You should then try to arch both sides of a tree. After you have arched it then put shrubs and leaves on the shelter so it would act as an insulating system and protect you from the elements.

Warm Pocket Shelter

If you come across emergency blankets on sale at a shop then buy them. In a survival situation, you can put the first blanket on the ground and put dry grass and leaves on it.

Make the layer very thick so that it will keep you warm. Then place the second emergency blanket on top of it. Lie down on top of the two blankets and roll yourself in between them. It will make you feel warm and you needn’t worry since these blankets are waterproof.

If you can easily sit in the shelter then you’ll really comfortable. Build a small wall of stones that would act as a barrier. To protect yourself from the rain, you can cover the cracks with dirt. The shelter wouldn’t become suffocating and it would be dry as well.

In a survival scenario, shelter is one of your immediate concerns. Knowing how to build one using the materials at hand in your chosen size is one of the key steps to ensuring your survival.

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