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Food Preparation for outdoor

Food Preparation for outdoor plan and survival.

If you are planning to do some outdoor getaway and plan on cooking or heating water, consider lighter weight and efficient equipment.

  • **Stove – camping/alternative/very portable/Kelly Kettle

The Kelly Kettle System is one of the most useful pieces of camping equipment that any outdoors person can own! Enjoy hot water for tea, coffee, rehydrating food, bathing, cooking, etc. Works everywhere, every time! 

  • **Pots and pans – stainless steel/cast iron/non-stick – avoid aluminum

Backpackers who take short trips or prefer simple, no-fuss menus require only basic cookware—perhaps as little as a cup and a spork. Campers, larger groups and longer journeys usually require more pieces.

  • **Utensils
  • Without the right cooking utensils you won’t be able to slice, dice, scoop, grate or handle your food safely while preparing it. The best way to know which utensils you’ll need to bring is to plan your recipes well before you leave. Only bring the utensils you need to save weight and space.
  • Knives are a must-have for anyone who will be cooking while camping. You will need a high-quality set to cut meat and vegetables, as well as performing other tasks such as cutting your food’s packaging. Avoid using your kitchen knives if possible. Not only will this mean you will have a clean set ready to go when you get home, but your average kitchen knife may not be designed to handle outdoor use and extended exposure to the elements like a camping knife is.

  • Pressure cooker

Constructed of non-reactive, hard-anodized aluminum, the Halulite Pressure Cooker is lighter in weight and more efficient than most traditional camping pressure cookers. Loaded with safety features, you can safely and efficiently cook chicken, pot roast and ribs to perfection.

High-performance, non-reactive, hard anodized aluminum construction provides exceptional efficiency and uniformity

  • Grills

Grilling outdoors is a healthy way of cooking food. Unwanted fatty oils of the meat are dripped off the meat, which means calories are reduced, but nutrients like riboflavin and thiamine are maintained. We also don’t use butter when we grill meats which mean healthier food!

  • **Fuel –

The way that you heat your grill depends on a couple of key factors — flavor and convenience.

Some fuel sources can be convenient, but one may argue you compromise additional flavor with this convenience. On the other hand, some backyard cooks argue that the mess and clean up of the more flavorful fuel sources are not worth the taste.

  • *Water/food bottle

The number one top priority is when you go to outdoor camping or hiking you should stay hydrated. So never forget to bring Water or foot bottle when you do outdoor camping and mountain climbing.

  • *Hand operated can opener

 This means that you don’t have to squeeze the two parts of the handle together as the can opener makes its way around the perimeter of the can. Rather, you lock the opener to the top of the can, then simply use your hand to lightly support the handle as you crank the knob on the side of the opener.

  • Cleaning supplies

Before you leave, check that everything from your campsite is in its right place. Use a checklist to pack up everything that you brought with you and always be mindful of your fellow campers. By camping cleanyou‘ll avoid harming the local ecosystem and make it easier for other people to enjoy the outdoors.

  • Chlorine bleach – non scented

Common bleach is a solution of sodium hypochlorite in water, with other kinds … Those reflected wavelengths are the colors we see in pigments. … There are many compounds that can be used as bleaching agents that do not use chlorine.

  • *Plastic bags/containers

 Using them ensures that you have enough food throughout your camping trip. Also, it guarantees to keep the camping environment free from plastics. Packing glass and silver cutleries may look cumbersome when going on a camping trip. But, it is the only way to ensure that your camping environment is plastic-free.

These are the basic food preparation that you need when you go hiking or outdoor picnic survival.

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