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Back Pack sprayers and squeeze bottles

(hand sprayers) emit either a liquid stream or a liquid droplet as an aerosol spray.

Liquid aerosol droplets are typically 50 – 100 microns in diameter, and in both cases the droplets and liquid streams are controlled by gravity and are pulled downward to ground or any surface the spray is being directed at. So, when spraying the majority of liquid is concentrated on the lower surfaces. When the liquid spray dries, the remaining chemicals bond to the surfaces as a residue. When people and children rub their hands on residue surfaces, they collect chemical residue, which goes to their eyes and mouth. Since most people do not know the chemical they are spraying, they do not know how it affects the human or animal body, or if it actually kills bio-organisms. For Example, Mosquito spray does not kill coronavirus. What does this mean to the family residence being sprayed or the business office being sprayed?

Since the person using a back pack sprayer or hand sprayer tends to spray areas that are convenient, the service provider will not often spray under a desk, behind a cabinet or chair in the corner, underneath a table where people often place their hands, behind an stove/refrigerator appliance against the wall, up on the ceiling light fixtures or the top corner ceilings! Thus the spay covers only a small surface area, as compared to the total volume of air in the room and total wall/floor surface area. When a person coughs or sneezes, where do the droplets from our mouth go? To the floor, yes. Up in the air on walls, yes, Up into the air to float behind furniture and appliances, yes. Floating to the ceiling and bonding to the ceiling, yes. So conveniently spraying on downward surfaces is not the right solution to kill coronavirus with a back pack sprayer or Hand sprayer. People typically have service providers come in with back pack sprayers or hand sprayers, as it is cheap; but the client, nor the service provider, fully understands what is being provided, nor how effective the spraying disinfectants are for killing coronavirus, spores, molds, fungi, bio-organisms:

  1. Low surface coverage
  2. No total area coverage
  3. Back Pack Sprayers and Hand Sprayers leave behind significant amounts of chemical residue, which bonds to humans at work, children at play, animals walking the floors
  4. What chemicals does the back pack sprayer or hand sprayer use? How effective is it at killing coronavirus, etc.?

Compare to an Aerosol Sterilizing Fogger using a DRY Fog technology:

A Dry Fog is when you create an aerosol fog with a liquid droplet size peak at less than 10 micron in diameter. Droplets less than 10 microns begin to float in the air, called the Sauter Limit. If you use 10 micron droplets and below, you get fog suspension. Droplets under 10 micron diameter are called a DRY FOG, as the droplets do not wet the surface area and float into the airflow. The droplets begin to evaporate and form an exponentially larger volume of sterilizing vapor. This vapor then comes in contact with every open surface, all walls, floor, carpet, curtains, light fixtures, wall switches, ceilings, under furniture, behind appliances, in ceiling corners, under tables…every open surface and all the air volume of that closed area. This method of dispersing a sterilant vapor provides a far better solution to actually sterilizing the entire area, as opposed to spraying large droplets on the floors and corners. The vapor leaves no mass residue behind, thus is much safer with adults, children and animals. If you use Minncare sterilant, a proven sterilant to kill the original coronavirus, or 45% hydrogen peroxide in water or Actril Sterilant; the resulting vapor is far more effective, and leaves essentially no residue behind to harm people and animals. And the three sterilants dissolve to safe elements: Minncare and Actril dissolves back to hydrogen, oxygen and a base form of vinegar. Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) dissolves to Hydrogen and Oxygen. There are no chlorines in our sterilants. You can use distilled water off the grocery shelf. You can use H2O2 from your pharmacy or buy in bulk from Applied Physics or your local provider.

Do you save money using a backpack sprayer, hand sprayer or a hodgepodge of after market components put together to fake a good sterilization technique? Aerosol Sterilizing Foggers include our low cost AFS, CRF2-S, CRF4-S and our large volume DF2S with these advantages:

  • Near total surface area coverage in a closed area, and nearly total volume coverage of all the air in that closed area;
  • Our sterilizing foggers include our low cost Actril® Fog System (AFS), a LOW VOLUME Sterilizing Fogger, requires small compressor, includes 4 gallons, pre-diluted, 1% concentration Actril sterilant and test strips. Sterilize rooms up to 100M³ (3531 Cubic Feet / gallon of sterilant, 14124 cubic feet per 4 gallons Actril sterilant). In Stock, typical 4 – 7 days, FEX Ground Freight
  • CRF2-S is a LOW Cost Sterilizing Fogger, 110/220VAC, comes with 1 gallon concentrated sterilant, CRF2-S fogger & accessories, remote power cable, air quality test instruments. Sterilize rooms up to 3000 cubic feet (85 cubic meters). Mix @ typical 3.5% concentration for about 28 cycles of 3,000 cubic feet, about 84,000 cubic feet of total sterilizing volume per gallon of Minncare sterilant. In stock, typical 4 – 7 days, FEX Ground Freight
  • CRF4-S is a MEDIUM VOLUME Sterilizing Fogger, 110/220VAC, comes with 4 gallons concentrated sterilant, CRF4-S fogger & accessories, Wireless Remote Control, air quality test instruments. Sterilize areas up to 10,000 cubic feet (283 cubic meters). Mix @ typical 3.5% concentration for about 60 cycles of 10,000 cubic feet, about 600,000 cubic feet of total sterilizing volume per 4 gallons of Minncare sterilant. In stock, typical 5 – 8 days, FEX Ground Freight
  • DF2SHIGH VOLUME Sterilizing Fogger, requires 15 SCFM compressor @ 75 psi, comes with 40 gallons concentrated sterilant, DF2S fogger & accessories, Remote Control, air quality test instruments. Sterilize large areas up to 35,000 cubic feet (1000 cubic meters). Mix @ typical 3.5% concentration for about 200 cycles of 35,000 cubic feet, about 7 million cubic feet of total sterilizing volume per 40 gallons Minncare sterilant. In stock, typical 8 – 10 days, FEX Ground Freight
  • Actril Sterilant or 45% H2O2 or Minncare are highly effective sterilants
  • Our low cost sterilizing foggers are price competitive with any Back Pack Sprayer or Hand Sprayer and far more effective at killing unwanted bio-organisms
  • Our medium volume sterilizing CRF4-S fogger, is quite simple to use, covers large areas up to 10,000 cubic feet / cycle, has wireless remote control, and is far more effective than Back Pack Sprayers and hand sprayers
  • Our DF2S Sterilizing Fogger is the most effective bio-organism killer in the world, rolls on wheels for portability, covers very large areas up to 35,000 cubic feet / cycle and out-performs any competitive dry fogger in the world

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The post Back Pack and Hand Sprayers appeared first on .

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