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Campfire cooking can be a soothing activity to do in the middle of the wilderness. You can appreciate nature and enjoy the company of friends while preparing meals. Here are the essential things you need to know to make your campfire cooking easier.

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Be a Campfire Cooking Expert | Everything You Need to Know About Campfire Cooking

What Can You Cook on a Campfire?

These food items would make for delicious treats when fire-roasted:

  • Bread: You’ll get a blend of crispy breadsticks and soft rolls after cooking your dough over a fire.
  • Kebabs: Vegetables and meats are usually combined on a stick. You can separate them for easier cooking.
  • Corn: Grilling corn on the cob would only take you around 10 minutes. Add salt and butter, then dig in!
  • Hotdogs: Take this classic campfire food to the next level by wrapping it with either bacon or dough.
  • Cheese: Make your sandwich exciting by roasting grilled cheese on an open fire. Be careful when cooking so it won’t drop from your roaster.
  • Muffins: Don’t forget to turn them once in a while for even cooking.
  • Marshmallows: You can’t leave marshmallows behind when campfire cooking. Eat them on sticks or make some s’mores.
  • Fruits: When cooked on a campfire, the sugar in fruits would caramelize. Eat them with ice cream for a full dessert.
  • Potatoes: With its versatility, you can make anything out of a potato. Bring different potato toppings so everyone can design their own meal.
  • Bacon: Its crispiness level depends on your preference. Ensure to let your bacon cool down for a few seconds before eating it.

How Do You Cook Over a Campfire?

As much as possible, do your food preparations such as dicing and slicing at home. Put ingredients in containers, and store meats in a cooler. You can also make foil packet meals in advance for your convenience.

Make sure to use the necessary grilling tools and cooking methods. Appropriate cookware will get the job done regardless of what recipe you’ll prepare.

Then, burn a bunch of wood to build a campfire. Choose a safe area where there are no power lines and trees overhead. Additionally, don’t cook on top of open flames. This will only result in burnt food.

Campfire cooking can be tricky, so use a cooking surface and flip your food every now and then. Add salt and olive oil for an extra flavor, but remember that oil can ignite sparks. Have a bottle of water ready to lessen the flames and to put them out once you’re done cooking.

How Do You Heat Water Over a Campfire?

Boiling is the most practical choice for purifying your water when camping. There are three methods on how you can prepare this on an open fire:

  • Tripod method: Make a tripod-like structure by assembling three poles. Tie a rope around them and adjust the sticks before placing them over your campfire.
  • Spring stick method: Look for a y-shaped branch, then trim off the lower part, leaving an inch below the “Y”. Cut off the smaller of the two branches, but keep around three inches on this side. Then, slide the stick down into your water bottle. Holding the stick, you now get your bottle out of your campfire.
  • Rope toggle method: Be sure that the stick is wider than the mouth of your water bottle. Create a v-notch into your stick, and tie your cord onto it. Then, drop the toggle into your bottle so you can lift and move it around.

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How Do You Cook Eggs on a Campfire?

Avoid breaking the yokes and burning your eggs over a campfire. Clean your skillet with water, then coat it with canola oil. Afterward, put plenty of butter on your pan to ensure that the eggs won’t stick to it. Use a skillet with enough space to cook your eggs.

Another important tip is to preheat your cast iron. Five minutes before cooking, put your pan over the campfire. This is to ensure even cooking of your eggs.

To achieve clean and white eggs, cook them after your meats. The leftover grease from steak, bacon, or sausage will also make your eggs tastier. Don’t forget to wipe your pan off a bit so your eggs won’t turn black.

How Do You Cook Steak on an Open Fire?

Do the necessary preparations at home so you can cook a perfect steak over a campfire. Bring tools with you such as fireproof gloves, tongs, and a refrigerator shelf.

Choose a bone-in rib-eye or strip that’s two inches thick. Its bone will serve as a heat exchanger for a smooth steak cooking.

Freeze your steak overnight. It’ll thaw on your way to your camping site. Don’t add seasonings such as salt as it’ll remove the moisture from your steak.

Upon your arrival, set up your campfire with three areas. One is where you’ll produce the coals, and the other section is where you’ll move them. The last area is where slow cooking will happen.

Cook each side of the steak over high heat for a couple of minutes. Then, move your steak to the last grilling section and cover it with a lid or foil. Remove the steak from the heat, and allow it to rest for a few minutes before digging in.

Don’t get intimidated with campfire cooking. It can be a relaxing way to prepare your meals. Watch this video by Tasty to get recipe ideas for your campfire cooking:

Whether you’re in your backyard or on a beach, campfire cooking can turn into family bonding. Master the art of outdoor cooking, and make it the highlight of your camping trip.

What other campfire cooking ideas do you have in mind that you’d like us to know about? Share them with us in the comments section below!

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