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Summer is well underway, and hopefully, you’re out at your grill each night, enjoying the fresh air and cooking over open flames. To make sure you have a fulfilling grilling experience, these are the grill tools you must have in your arsenal.

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Most Essential Grill Tools

Grilling is not just an American tradition; it’s one of the oldest ways to prepare food! And while all you really need is a fire and something to rotate your food with, there are some great grilling tools on the market that can make your life a lot easier.

Rather than risk burns, under- or over-cooked meats, or losing your food in the fire, we recommend picking up a few essentials that every Grill Master should have.

1. Chimney Starter

barbecue-chimney-starter grill tools

If you’re cooking over charcoal for that smoky flavor, pick up a chimney starter for the fastest and most even heating of your charcoal.

You don’t need lighter fluid, so you’ll skip the gasoline taste that amateur grillers may be accustomed to.

2. Grill Brush

cleaning-grill-summer-barbecue-party grill tools

Keeping your grill clean is key for delivering beautifully seared and intact food to the table, and a grill brush will help you achieve both.
Be sure to start with clean grates so that you get clear grill marks and your food comes up in one piece.

3. Sturdy Tongs

barbecue-chimney-starter | grilling tools

Resist the urge to stab your meats – tongs are best for turning! You want to avoid puncturing the meat and letting the juices run out.

You’ll want stainless steel and at least 16” long to give you some space from the flames.

4. Spatula

close-worker-cooking-burger-food-truck | tolls for grill

For times when tongs are not your top choice, like with fish fillets that can easily fall apart, reach for a spatula.

You’ll want one that’s stainless steel and a bit bigger than your usual kitchen spatula.

5. Meat Thermometer

juicy-delicious-appetizing-mouthwatering-grilled-salmon grill steak

Don’t be an amateur and cut into your meat to assess if it’s done! Picking up a meat thermometer will give you an accurate reading while keeping your meat intact. Be sure to insert the probe into the side of burgers and steaks for the most accurate reading.

Barbecuing and grilling are not the same. Grilling is about cooking hot and fast, so having a thermometer really comes in handy.

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6. Grill Gloves

bbq-ribs-hands-gloves-overtake-fried grill

Grilling requires handling a lot of heat, so protect your hands (and arms). Leather or suede gloves are best, especially if they extend up your forearms.

7. Grill Basket and/or Grill Mats

eggs-bacon-breakfast-on-grill-outside tools for grilling grill tools SS

Your grill is great for more than just steaks and chicken breasts, and hopefully, you’re branching out into grilling vegetables and fruit, as well.

Small and fragile meats like shrimp and fish also benefit from grill baskets and grill mats – where you protect your food from falling between the grates. Don’t lose a tomato or asparagus stalk again!

8. Metal Skewers

juicy-delicious-appetizing-mouthwatering-grilled-salmon grill

Kebabs are ready-to-eat meals on a stick, perfectly portioned for each person at your BBQ – so be sure to pick up some skewers for your next grill session.

9. Grill Hoe

flaming-grill-open-fire-ready-product | grilling

Again, for the charcoal grillers out there, do yourself a favor and pick up a grill hoe for raking the coals. You’ll want to leave a spot without charcoal on your grill to give your meat a place to rest, and you can move things around for indirect grilling, too.

Watch this video from Ace Hardware for a list of essential grill tools you’ll need for your next barbecue:

Once you’ve got your grill tools in place, you can become the Grill Master you’ve always aspired to be!

To pick up several of these essentials in one swoop, go here!

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If you have one special tip for all aspiring grill masters out there, what would that be? Let us know in the comments section!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in July 2020 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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