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By now I’m sure all of you have heard about Winter Storm Uri and its devastating effects on Texas and other states in the Deep South in early February.

More than 30 people lost their lives and quite a few others were hospitalized. Some 5 million U.S. homes and businesses suffered power outages, as well as another 4.7 million in Mexico.

Record-breaking frigid temperatures and a killer storm featuring snow and ice did the damage. It was colder in Texas than it was in parts of Alaska.

Some of you experienced this storm firsthand. Including some who are still dealing with the awful aftermath. Our hearts go out to you.

Targeting 10 Texas Organizations

Here at 4Patriots, we have been blessed. We consider ourselves very fortunate to be able to provide products that help people face disasters such as this one.

And while we have expressed our sorrow and reached out with words of encouragement to those who were negatively affected by Winter Storm Uri, we don’t feel that’s enough.

So, we have decided to donate a total of,000 to food banks and other humanitarian organizations in major cities in Texas. Financial donations are going to:

  • San Antonio Food Bank
  • Central Texas Food Bank in Austin
  • Austin Disaster Relief Fund
  • North Texas Food Bank in Dallas
  • The Stewpot in Dallas (a haven for homeless and at-risk individuals)
  • Houston Food Bank
  • West Street Recovery in Houston
  • Texas Relief Warriors in Houston
  • The Houston Humane Society

In addition, 4Patriots has donated a variety of survival products to Bigun’s Hope, a Texas-based organization. Their mission is to help the most people in the shortest amount of time for the greater good of communities before, during and after a disaster.

Donated products include Patriot Power Generators, Patriot Power Cells, Sun Kettles and Survival Food.

Thank You for Helping Us Help Them

The reason I’m sharing this information is not to pat ourselves on the back. I just want you to know that your purchases of our products do more than merely sit in a bank account collecting interest.

Those purchases make possible our donations to these types of humanitarian organizations. As well as to those organizations that support U.S. military active-duty servicemen and women, veterans and their families.

We don’t consider this an obligation. We consider it a privilege. Thanks for joining us on this rewarding journey.

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