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4Patriots is the result of a dream shared by its founders, husband and wife team Allen and Erin Baler. With nothing more than their savings and a whole lot of determination, they created this Nashville-based company to provide their customers with greater self-reliance, freedom, and peace of mind. 4Patriots is now one of the most respected preparedness companies in the industry. Considering how effective their products are in a variety of emergency situations, including blackouts, it’s easy to see why. Here are four essentials you will definitely find useful the next time you’re without power.

A HaloXT Tactical Solar Powered Flashlight

During a power outage or blackout, your first priority is being able to see. A solar powered HaloXT Tactical Flashlight means no more stumbling around in the dark or relying on wax-dripping candles throughout your home. With these solar flashlights from 4Patriots, you’ll also never have to worry about searching for a flashlight only to discover the batteries are dead. You can simply recharge the HaloXT Tactical Flashlight with sunlight, and as an added benefit, it sports nine other super practical emergency functions, like a USB charger and glass breaker.

4Patriots Emergency Food Bars

With no electricity to power the refrigerator, freezer, microwave, oven, or stove, just finding something to eat can be challenging during a blackout. That won’t be the case with 4Patriots Emergency Food Bars. These delicious, hunger-busting food bars require zero preparation while providing you with the nutrients and vitamins you need to stay energized. Not to mention they boast a shelf life of five years.

4Patriots Solar Powered Patriot Power Cell Phone Charger Pack

Without a power source to charge them, cell phones and smartphones can quickly run out of power too. That’s bad news since having a smartphone handy to check for updates and communicate with friends and family during a blackout is essential. With a solar powered cell phone charger four pack from 4Patriots, you’ve got the power you need. Since each 4Patriots Patriot Power Cell features two USB ports, you can use that power to charge up to eight devices at once.

4Patriots Survival Food Kits

As tasty and filling as 4Patriots Emergency Food Bars are, it is also important to include a little variety in your diet. The survival food kits from 4Patriots certainly offer that. With survival food kits capable of keeping you fed anywhere from 72 hours up to a year. Plus, there are plenty of nutritious options to choose from. 4Patriots survival food kits have breakfast, lunch, and dinner covered, plus desserts and a selection of drinks. Being prepared doesn’t have to mean roughing it at mealtime. 4Patriots believes in offering nutritious, affordable food that you’ll look forward to eating.

Find the essentials you need to prepare for a blackout or other emergency at 4patriots.com

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