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For this episode of Out Alive from Backpacker, they talk about falling down a mountain.

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We Fell Down the Mountain

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Many survival stories include an element of helplessness. When you’re far from civilization hurt, unable to move. There’s little, you can do to keep yourself alive. It’s helplessness that sets in when things get really, really bad, but there’s another feeling, however, dim that keeps you going: hope. Though you may be unable to help yourself in the face of extreme danger there’s comfort in knowing that someone out there may be looking for you. That comfort, that hope can be what allows you to survive. And if you get into trouble in a place where Search and Rescue is accessible, that hope multiplies.

These highly trained volunteers save countless lives every year. No matter the terrain, no matter the weather emergency responders will answer the call of distress. They’re the reason why, even when we’re helpless, we’re not hopeless.

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