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7 Best Bear Spray For Self-Defense

The best way to prepare for a bear attack is to make sure you keep those towering beasts as far away from you as possible with the best bear spray you can get. Check out this list of the best bear spray options in the market so you’re equipped to do just that in case...

Bug Out Bag Items

Your bug out bag Items must be carefully selected. The biggest mistake people make when they make their bug out bag is adding too much weight and overestimating how much energy it will take to carry a heavy pack. Hiking ten miles is hard enough on its own much less...
How To Make A Ghillie Suit From Scratch

How To Make A Ghillie Suit From Scratch

Want to make your own ghillie suit? Check this tutorial out before you decide to buy a brand new one. It’s fairly easy to put together plus having your DIY ghillie suit won’t break the bank! RELATED: Art of Concealment | How To Make A Camouflage Suit Make a Ghillie...
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