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An Update on Precious Metals

I’ve always encouraged my blog readers and consulting clients to diversify their investments to include precious metals. While the markets have displayed their vagaries and suffered from COMEX price manipulation, the general trend has been upward at a faster rate than...

Fall Medicines [PODCAST]

For this episode of The Canadian Bushcraft, they talk about fall medicines. RELATED: Organic Herbal Gardening in Your Kitchen Fall Medicines In this episode, Cohosts Caleb and Nikki discuss eight medicinal plants that can be harvested in autumn. Up Next: The Basics of...

Guide to Moose Hunting [PODCAST]

For this episode of The Canadian Bushcraft, they talk about the guide to moose hunting. RELATED: Alaska Hunting Laws And Regulations Guide to Moose Hunting In this episode, Caleb walks us through how to hunt moose. Up Next: Hunting: Learning to Hunt | Survival 101...

Internet Privacy Basics, by Petr

Editor’s Introductory Notes: This article was authored by the teenage son of a long-time SurvivalBlog reader. It is humbling to see that a second-generation of SurvivalBlog readers is now reaching adulthood.  (SurvivalBlog was launched in August of 2005.) Properly,...

Preparing for Martial Law [PODCAST]

For this episode of Survivalist Prepper, they talk about martial law. RELATED: Martial Law: What You Need to Know to Survive Preparing for Martial Law As preppers we think about what life would be like under Martial Law all the time, but what is the likelihood of it...
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