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Would America Survive a Civil War? [PODCAST]

For this episode of Freedom Preppers, they talk about the survival of America if there was a civil war. RELATED: The History Behind Memorial Day Would America Survive a Civil War? Let 3 of 5 relatives ban you from the holidays this year. A new lockdown in Austria of...

The Curse of The Cult of Kanban

In 2007, I began warning SurvivalBlog readers about global over-reliance on Just-In-Time (JIT) inventory management. This system — also called lean inventory management or kanban — was first developed by Toyota in Japan, in the 1950s. There, with largely internal...

Are Your Vehicles Ready for Winter?

In many parts of the country, driving in the winter is much more challenging than in the other three seasons. Even in areas that don’t normally get snow and severe cold, winter can rear its ugly head. I don’t have to tell you folks in the South about that following...

How to Feel Safer in Your Home

They say that your home is your castle. And it feels very good to have a safe place to call your own. Generally, your home IS a safe place. With a roof over your head and protection from the elements, you’re far safer at home than you might be in a car, the...
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