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Have You Prepared Your Kids for Surviving?

How do you prepare your kids for surviving? As parents and adults, it is your duty to introduce the kids to the preparedness activities at a young age. The reality of the situation is that most people who are faced with survival aren’t faced with it alone. You have a...

Last Minute Preps [PODCAST]

This episode of Casual Preppers talks about last minute preps. RELATED: It’s Time to Prep for Winter Last Minute Preps Last Minute Preps – Ep 135 Up Next: 26 Five Minute Prepping Projects Welcome to Prepping: Your Best Defense Against Coronavirus Effective Urban...

The Joys of Canning, by St. Funogas

It was one of those intolerably hot and muggy days of August. My sister in the Redoubt called to say they could see the smoke from the big fires in California and the Northwest and how hot the weather had gotten even near the Tetons. She said in no uncertain terms,...
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