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Back in my day – and perhaps yours – there was a well-known phrase that went like this. “Nothing is certain except death and taxes.” Actually, the quote was originally attributed to Benjamin Franklin.

After having gone through what Americans have gone through the past few years, I think it’s safe to add something else to the list. Winter storms.

Across the country, extreme winter weather has become not only more frequent, but also more intense.

Now, if you live in the southern portion of the U.S., you might have been able to gloss over winter weather warnings in the past. Not anymore. Not after what happened in Texas and other southern states last February.

Common Denominator? Power Outages!

Today I want to talk about specific things you can do to prepare for harsh winter weather. But before I get into those specifics, let me say this. The common denominator with every winter storm is a power outage.

Every year, tens of millions of homes throughout America lose power. Sometimes it’s for hours. Other times it can be days or even weeks. Our electrical grid is becoming increasingly vulnerable.

When we lose power, we feel… powerless. We are so dependent on our electrical supply that when it fails, we panic. And we start wondering how we’re going to function until the lights come back on.

Questions immediately fill our minds. Will the power be out long enough to spoil food in my refrigerator? Will my basement flood because the sump pump won’t work? Will I be able to keep my home warm enough?

Your Winter Weather Checklist

Following is a checklist you can examine to make sure you’re doing everything you can to prepare for winter weather.

  • Create a communication and disaster plan for your household. Every family member should know exactly what to do if they’re home when the power goes out.
  • Weatherproof your home. Insulate water lines running along exterior walls. Caulk and weather-strip doors and windows. Install storm windows or cover them with plastic from inside.
  • Have your chimney inspected. A fireplace can help with emergency heating, but make sure that chimney or flue is clear.
  • Make sure smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are working properly. Test them monthly and change batteries twice a year.
  • Keep a dry-chemical fire extinguisher handy. Many homes don’t have this potentially life-saving item.
  • Have your furnace cleaned once a year. And change the filter every month or two. Less expensive filters are recommended over pricey ones because they allow better air flow.
  • Stockpile plenty of supplies. This should include everything from survival food and water to flashlights and backup power sources.
  • Winterize your car. This is very involved, so I’ll address it in detail in a separate email. But among the suggestions are having your battery checked by a trained mechanic, making sure your tires are fully inflated and have enough tread, changing your wiper blades and filling the wiper fluid compartment, making sure front and back defrosters are working, keeping your gas tank as full as possible, and building an emergency car kit.

Generating a Defense

We can’t control when the electrical grid shuts down. But we can do the next best thing by preparing. Having a fully-charged generator provides peace of mind.

You know you’ll be able to get some lights back on and keep your food safe from spoiling if the power goes out.

Standby generators installed outside your home are very expensive. Most Americans don’t have that kind of money sitting around.

A much more affordable solution is a solar-powered generator. This quiet, portable generator is ready to come to the rescue at a moment’s notice. And during the most trying of times.

Patriot Power Generator 1800

My recommendation is the Patriot Power Generator 1800. It can power your fridge, freezer, phones, medical devices and much more.

And if you use up all its stored energy and the power is still out in your home, you can charge it with the free power of the sun.

One of the things people love most about this generator is that it’s fume-free and virtually silent. It’s safe to use indoors. In fact, you can run it in your bedroom and still sleep like a baby.

Best of all? You can pay for it with an easy monthly payment plan. And you’ll get 13 free bonus gifts, including free shipping and handling.

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