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With the possibility of a war erupting, do you know how to survive World War 3? Whether you’re facing an immediate threat or preparing for the worst, read on for essential information on how to survive World War 3!

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How to Survive World War 3

 Explosion nuclear bomb in ocean | How to Survive World War 3 | 5 World War 3 Survival Tips

Prepare for Disaster

Disaster management includes preparing a disaster | How to Survive World War 3 | 5 World War 3 Survival Tips

You can never be too prepared if you want to master how to survive World War 3. Luckily, you do not need anything complicated to prepare for a disaster. You only need to have:

  • A first aid kit
  • Water
  • Medication
  • Non-perishable foods
  • Multitools
  • Toiletries
  • Pet survival kit
  • Gas mask and filters
  • Iodine
  • Radio
  • Flashlight
  • Batteries

Next, work on an emergency plan.

  • Identify familiar meeting locations where you can go for protection.
  • Practice the emergency plan beforehand to ensure no one gets confused in a panic.


  • Pack your emergency survival gear in an easy to carry bag for convenience
  • Ensure you have the correct iodine dose for everybody in your family

Do Not Panic

Evacuation of people from burning office building | How to Survive World War 3 | 5 World War 3 Survival Tips

Keeping a clear mind during a crisis is challenging. But it can mean the difference between life and death.

  • Making rational decisions and swiftly acting is a skill you need to master to survive World War 3.

Some of these life-saving decisions include:

  • Avoiding elevators
  • Staying away from large objects and windows
  • Moving to lower levels of your home
  • Inspecting your house to see if it’s still reliable for shelter

In case an initial attack happens and you survive, consider:

  • Inspecting the damage to your house to see if it’s still reliable for shelter
  • Evacuating if the damage is too extensive. Your emergency plan will come in handy at this point.


  • Staying underground like in a basement reduces our chances of getting injured.
  • Reacting fast increases your chances of survival.
  • Surviving World War 3 entails managing your emotions

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Stay Away from Potential Targets

winding road in the mountain | How to Survive World War 3 | 5 World War 3 Survival Tips

Once attacks on your city begin, make a point of moving away from potential targets. It could be military bases, large bridges, famous buildings, tunnels, and monuments.

As earlier mentioned, hit the road quickly to avoid the chaos that follows an attack. GPS applications help find alternative routes with less traffic to evacuate the city. But you cannot rely on them as phone networks are bound to fail sooner or later.

So, having a detailed map as a backup when working on how to survive World War 3 is crucial. Be sure to practice using it before an attack to familiarize yourself with the routes you can take.

Find a Shelter

Cabins provide shelter for Alaskans who visit | How to Survive World War 3 | 5 World War 3 Survival Tips

Next on how to survive World War 3 is finding shelter after escaping the city. At this point, you are looking for cover away from combat. It can be anything from a friend’s house, hospital, community center, and shopping mall.

You are looking for a place with heating, electricity, and running water. However, keep in mind that the power grid is prone to failure due to cyber-attacks and bombing. So, focus on places with a solar or fuel-powered generator.

Prepare for Nuclear Warfare

Nuclear explosion city | How to Survive World War 3 | 5 World War 3 Survival Tips

If a war broke out in the 21st century, you could expect countries to use nuclear weapons. That said, what should you do when you see a nuclear flash?

  • Get behind a barrier to protect yourself from the shockwave.
  • Once the shockwave passes, cover your mouth and nose with a cloth.
    • Doing this saves you from nuclear fallouts.
  • Cover your eyes.
      • You may use a gas mask to keep your eyes open.
  • Get out and look for an enclosed shelter.
    • You only have 20 minutes to do this before nuclear fallouts start
  • After finding shelter, move to its inner parts like the basement.
    • The basement has thick concrete for protection.
  • Once in place, remove your outermost layer of clothing and mask and seal them in a disposable bag.
  • Take a bath as soon as you can.


  • Staying hidden for at least one day ensures no danger of radiation.
  • To be safe, wait for authorities to confirm.

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There you have it, preppers. Learning these tips on surviving World War 3 will help keep you and your loved ones safe should anything happen. Do you have any other tips on how to survive World War 3? Please share with us in the comments section below.

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