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For this episode of Survival Preppers, they talk about racism in the media.

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Has the World Gone Mad? Racism in Media

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In today’s show, we pose the question “Has the world gone mad?” With everything being labeled racist, the media being more of a lapdog than a watchdog of the government, and disregarding anything that goes against the accepted narrative, it sure seems like it.

Is this a symptom of life being so good that we need to create issues? A sign that we are experiencing a tyrannical government taking shape? Or is the almighty dollar behind it all? Unfortunately, all of these are probably true, and parts of a complicated puzzle taking shape.

It’s getting harder and harder to figure out what the truth is anymore.

Big Media no longer concerns itself with facts. News stories are sensationalized to scare the masses. How can anyone make a clear decision with the constant barrage of ever-changing news? The cycle has become so fast that no one ends up being accountable for their actions – by the next day, everyone has moved on.

The media is supposed to be a watchdog for both sides but is no longer doing its job. The mere fact that they buried the Hunter Biden story should frighten everyone. In doing so, the media attempted to influence the election directly. Major corporations now control and manipulate the narrative by suppressing real news.

The government is also going to great lengths to ensure that we only hear what they want us to hear. Just look at the epic series of coincidences surrounding the death of Jeffrey Epstein, who, although he had a wealth of info on both sides of the aisle, failed to realize that he was, and always had been, the expendable frontman.

The only way to prevent people from becoming more corrupt as they climb the political ladder is to impose term limits and convince our citizens to start voting people into office who have values that align with theirs.

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