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Why Choose Survival-GoBag?


Survival-GoBag.com provides 7 levels of GoBag Kits, supporting 3 month, 2 month, 1 month, 2 week, 7 day and 3 day GoBags in support of emergency situations, hunting trips and most Survival situations. Our 50 Liter GoBag would normally be carried by a healthy, trim adult. Our 36 Liter GoBags can be handled by most healthy adults, and the 20L GoBags could be carried by adults and most healthy teenagers. Each bag includes the essentials for the required duration of time that you choose. As the bag gets smaller, less and less equipment goes into the bag. We have a number of optional accessories you can add to our 82 Liter (2 week), 110 Liter (1 month), 191 Liter (2 month) or 275 Liter (3 months) Rucksacks. These 4 rucksacks carry the extra equipment necessary for 2 weeks or more in the outback. You can also add your particular items to each of the rucksacks. Emergency and Survival situations would typically call for more attention to food and equipment support, thus a rucksack accessory is automatically added to any survival requirement of 2 weeks or more.

  • Why you need a Survival Go Bag., Best Go Bag

    2 Person Elite Survival Kit (72+ Hours)

  • Why you need a Survival Go Bag., Best Go Bag

    3 Day, 20 Liter GoBag, Quality Survival Kit

  • Why you need a Survival Go Bag., Best Go Bag

    10 People for 3 Days, Survival Kit; or 1 Person 30 Days, Low Cost

How are you getting to your location? If by vehicle or 4×4 (Truck, Jeep, SUV, ATV, or RZR/Canam), then added weight is no problem. Do you have a 5-gallon jug of spare gas available? If you are using a car and then need to walk/bike a distance, you need to consider weight and you must consider you and your family’s ability to carry that weight. So that you know what is in your particular bag, take time to open each bag, determine what is inside that bag, how it was packed, and how to use each item. Many tools you will understand automatically, but others you need to get experience on how to use those tools when in a tough situation. Repack your bags as unpacked, or perhaps you prefer a different way of packing. Fit the finished back pack to your shoulders. Walk with it and see how it wears with you.
  • Why you need a Survival Go Bag., Best Go Bag

    TackLife, Battery Jump Starter, Cel Phone Charger


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You will likely be in a hurry, but calm yourselves; so that nothing is forgotten. Have your map and your drive/walk route determined for the location you are going to. Have a secondary and a third location along your route pinned on the map. You never know what is ahead of you and you need to be prepared for alternatives. If there is walking or biking, you have to conserve energy. Take breaks, so you get to your destination. Then set up camp and use the items in your GoBags and Rucksacks to get you and your family focused on what needs to be done. Be patient. Be kind! Ask the same of each person in your family. Keep you and your family safe and secure.

Do you want to add Butane Lighters to your pack? You decide if you feel Butane lighters need to be added in parallel with water proof matches.

Make sure you have your cell phone, charger and cables, and any portable electronics you want to be included.

Decide if you want to pack a Rucksack to carry additional survival gear, (82L, 110L, 191L, or 275 Liter) which are for your bulky items, but will add weight to a walk.

Do you need solar devices, solar-charged batteries?


We have superb equipment, but you are the one to decide on what is right for you.

Call Toll Free at 800-693-3521 or Email Support@BestGoBag.com

  • Why you need a Survival Go Bag., Best Go Bag

    Portable Power Station, 300W Battery, 110V with numerous portable device connections


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