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It’s the peak of the cold days and preparing your home for some emergency heating is very essential. Knowing what to do and how to prepare is important to know as well as finding ways to keep you and your family warm if things don’t go as planned or when the electricity goes out.

Here are 10 alternatives for emergency heating in case things get worse during winter.

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Preparing For Emergency Heating During Winter

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1. Hand Warmers

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Your extremities, when they freeze, can give you a very uncomfortable and chilly feeling throughout your entire body. Protecting your hands and feet is important and is the easiest way to heat yourself up during times of emergency.

These hand warmers can serve as instant heat when there is a power outage and your house heater doesn’t work.

2. Use Kerosene Heaters

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Using kerosene heaters will not require any electricity or wires to start it up. It has been used for many years in the past and is a suitable source of warmth during the coldest days.

3. Alternative Power Source

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Power outages during winter can cause a lot of hassle but having an alternative power source can go a long way. Installing solar or turbine power sources can power a heating source during emergencies.

4. Camping Materials

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Food is important when you’re trying to keep warm. It can help your body be stronger. You can use camping stoves for emergency heating.

Alternatively, you can also use camping cooking bags that have heat packs that can produce instant heat when water is added.

5. Gel fuel Cans

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Gas fuel cans are great to use for emergency heating. They can last for a while and can provide instant heat.

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6. DIY Insulation

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Designate a heated room in your home. Insulate a room by adding blankets to vents, windows, and gather everyone in the house in the same room for added warmth.

7. Set Up A Stove Near A Window

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If you have the right materials in your home, set up a stove for warmth. Place the chimney of your stove and place it near a window so the smoke can come out and not inside your home.

Make sure that you have enough wood to use as fuel.

8. Use Soapstone

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Soapstones are great heat-absorbing materials and can be used as emergency heating devices. The problem with these is you’ll need to have a heat source like a stove or oven to heat them up.

You can then use them as hand or bed warmers when they get warm enough.

9. Use Candles To Heat An Area

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Candles don’t require electricity to run but can give you enough warmth during emergencies. Just make sure to keep an eye out when using these for emergency heating.

10. Body Heat

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The best and most comfortable emergency heating option is a cuddle buddy. People are naturally warm and passing it to other people through hugging can be a great heating source when there is no electricity and there are no other options.

Watch this video from The Provident Prepper for other ways to emergency heating as well as cooking:

Winter power outages do happen and preparing for that unfortunate event should be considered. However, these emergency heating ideas should help a lot in using anything you can find in your home to help warm yourselves.

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What would you do if the electricity goes out in the middle of the night during a chilly evening? Share them in the comment section below.

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