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A Year Without a Grocery Store [PODCAST]

For this episode of Survival & Basic Badassery, they talk about living without a grocery store in the past months. RELATED: Shelter in Place | How to Stay Safe in a Pandemic A Year Without a Grocery Store The Survival and Basic Badass Podcast Episode: A Year...

Self-Defense For Older Warriors [PODCAST]

For this episode of Warrior Life, they talk about self-defense for older people. RELATED: 5 Surprising Self Defense Tips To Crush Attackers Self-Defense For Older Warriors (How Santa Claus Would Defend Himself) Up Next: How To Pick A Self Defense Class Self Defense...

Home-Made Insulin, by C.S.

After seeing several discussions online in various forums about how individuals with type 1 diabetes would be able to survive post-Schumer Hits The Fan (SHTF), I became curious. FIRST AND FOREMOST: I AM NOT A MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL NOR A SCIENTIST AND ALL INFORMATION...
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