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9 Ways You Can Collect Water in a Crisis

We’ve all been taught the importance of storing water for an emergency. It’s kind of a no-brainer, if you think about it. We know our main water source could be cut off following a disaster. And we know we need water to survive. So, the more drinking water we have...

Spoiling Freeze-Dried Food Myths

Every once in a while I’ll notice someone saying or writing something negative about freeze-dried food.  Such as, it’s too expensive. Or that the freeze-drying process depletes the food’s nutritional value. Or simply that it doesn’t taste very good.   My first...

Supporting SurvivalBlog, Post-Amazon

We make just one appeal for Ten Cent Challenge subscriptions each year, and for 2022, this is it: As most SurvivalBlog readers know, we severed all ties with Amazon, in January of 2021. With their blatant censorship and unconscionable business practices, we simply...

Out Back with Jack – Ep-3004 [PODCAST]

In this episode of The Survival Podcast, they have their new Friday show “Outback with Jack.” RELATED: Stories of Survival: Ada Blackjack Out Back with Jack – Ep-3004 Today we have our Friday show, “Outback with Jack”. These podcasts will be generated through back...
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