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What to Take on Your Next Outdoor Trip

We all have our pet peeves. One of mine is getting somewhere and realizing I forgot to bring something. Maybe that’s why I became a list maker. Perhaps this is one of your pet peeves as well. If you’re headed to the outdoors soon – for camping, hiking, hunting, or...

Major Misconceptions About Canned Meat

We’ve all seen the images of survivalists’ basement food stockpiles. Their stash is loaded with hundreds of canned foods including soups, vegetables, fruits, and meats. Due to some unfounded myths about canned food, it’s gotten a bad name in some circles. Today I’m...

Unusual Ways to Start a Fire

There could come a time in your life when you need to make an outdoor fire. Perhaps for cooking or warmth. Maybe for light or purifying water. Possibly even for protection from animals or attracting the attention of rescuers. Do you know how to do it? What if there...

[VIDEO] Jan Tries Survival Meat?

Jan gives a review of the Gold Medallion All-Meat Survival Food Kit. In a true emergency situation, protein is key to your survival. You need it to keep your energy up & fight off hunger. This kit is the perfect way to round out any food storage plan, and good to...

4th of July Set Global Heat Records

Think back a few weeks ago to the 4th of July. Did you spend any time outdoors that day? If so, I’m guessing you were warm. Maybe hot. Perhaps sizzling. Why do I say that? Because scientists are telling us that July 4th was globally one of the hottest days in about...

Is It Possible to Avoid GMOs in Your Food?

When I hear that a certain food is genetically modified, it raises a red flag for me. I’m leery of anything that is altered from what nature intended. Especially when it’s something I might put into my body. Now, I understand not everything in modern life is perfectly...
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