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My top 5 must-have survival gadgets

In the SEAL teams, if you don’t have the right gear — you don’t come home. It might be as simple as the extra pair of AA batteries wrapped in tape that made all the difference on a mission in Iraq… Or that one extra quart of hydraulic fluid that kept my...

Unconventional Uses for Milk

If you’re like most people, your number one usage for milk is… (no need for a drum roll here)… drinking it. A big old glass of fresh, cold milk tastes great with cookies, cake and a few other foods. Most of which are not particularly good for you. But you only live...

Are Severe Spring Storms on the Way?

Just about anyone can accurately report what happened in the past. It’s trickier to accurately forecast what will happen in the future. But the fact is, these two things are closely linked. In other words, nobody needs a crystal ball to predict that the U.S. will get...

IGY6; Builds Camaraderie in Veteran Community

Have you ever heard active-duty military members or veterans say, “I’ve got your six?” Do you know what they mean? Many people don’t. And some of the folks who do know that it means, “I’ve got your back,” aren’t sure about the history behind it.  The saying actually...
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