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15 Fishing Hacks for the Everyday Fisherman

Anyone that has been around TSP for any length of time knows that one of my real joys in life is fishing. I love to fish and I mean no matter what or what type of fishing I love it. 10 days on the beach in the amazing waters of Sanibel Island Florida like I just did, yes, please.

Yet I still enjoy sliding down a bank at the back of a small park to see what is in a small creek running on the back boundary and it doesn’t bother me a bit if it is just some green sunfish or pan-sized bullhead cats. From small park ponds, limited river bank access, or top-notch stripers on a guided boat, I do not care. I prefer fishing to just about any pastime.

And I have for most of my life! I started really fishing in earnest in the early 80s when I was like 8 years old. Kids were more free at the time and our apartments had a pond of about 2 acres. From that time on I have fished almost any and every time I have had the opportunity. We are talking more than 40 years at this point. As you may imagine I have learned a few hacks along the way and today I give you some of my favorites.

Today’s show is going to be a lot like finding an old crusty fisherman in a bar somewhere and hearing some of his best tips and tricks. I hope you enjoy it and put some of it to work for yourself.

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